The Snow Girl Ending Explained: Who kidnapped Amaya?

The Snow Girl Ending Explained: Amaya, a young girl, goes missing when she is five years old, and the constant search for her over several years by the police and a journalist named Miren are the main themes of the Spanish Netflix drama The Snow Girl. We’ll try our best to break down the season one finale and the overall picture here because the story of this show, which is based on the novel by Javier Castillo, is intricate and full of sinister subplots and shocking turns.

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As a result, Amaya is taken hostage during Malaga’s annual “Three Wise Men” parade, commonly known as the Magi Parade. The remainder of the season focuses on the efforts of the police, public, and media to find her, but she remains missing for a long time. Due to Miren’s tumultuous past, there are a number of potential possibilities that could arise as a result of the investigation into her disappearance. There are ending spoilers for the Snow Girl, so beware.

Why did Iris kidnap Amaya?

The final episode also revealed more about Iris and her motivation for abducting Amaya. After learning more about her, Eduardo gives Miren some important background information. It turns out that Iris had previously been a patient of Amaya’s mother, Ana, a fertility specialist. Because she and her husband were unable to have children, she felt depressed and made the dramatic decision to abduct a child and claim her as her own.

We then learnt that Iris was a widow, therefore it’s possible that she experienced tremendous loneliness as a result of her husband’s loss, which is what drove her to make the drastic choice when she discovered that her doctor had a family.

The Snow Girl Ending Explained

Amaya spent nine years living with Iris, who brainwashed her into believing Julia was her daughter and that she was her. She appears to have given her toys, a room of her own, and a pet to play with, and everything must have appeared “normal” to the outside world during that period.

How Did Miren Learn That Iris Was With Amaya?

Iris recognises Miren immediately when she visits her home in a secluded place, but she is at a loss for words. When Miren started approaching toward a small bicycle in their garden’s corner as she was about to leave, she noticed it. Iris notices this and rushes outside to call Miren inside.

The Snow Girl Ending Explained

She is friendly with Miren, but she always has a knife in her pocket in case she needs to kill her. Amaya had been in the other room the entire time, making an effort to be silent so the dog won’t alert Miren to her presence. While Miren tours several rooms, Iris is attempting to soothe the dog in Amaya’s room. She eventually realises that the hair band Iris and Amaya are both sporting in the video.

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Miren hurriedly departs the house after stating that Iris was responsible for the kidnapping. She comes to a stop a short way from Iris’ home and contacts Belena to inform her that Amaya was taken by Iris. To capture a photo of Iris, Miren exits her car while carrying her camera. She noticed Iris leaving with Amaya in her car as she was hiding behind some bushes.

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