The Sensex crossed the 49,000 level for the first time, crossing the Nifty 14400; Infosys shares, HCL Tech rose | Sensex crosses 49,000 for the first time, Nifty crosses 14,400; Infosys, HCL Tech shares increased

Gujarati NewsBusinessThe Sensex crossed the 49 mile for the first time, crossing the Nifty 14400; Infosys actions, HCL Tech Rose

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Bombay 26 minutes ago

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Indian stock markets are experiencing a rally today. Today the Sensex opened above 49 thousand for the first time. Sensex is up 318 points to 49101, while Nifty is up 82 points to 14,429. Shares of Infosys, HCL Tech, TCS, Tech Mahindra, HUL are up on Sensex. Infosys traded 3.79 percent to 1361.55. HCL Tech is up 2.18% to 1,016.15. However, stocks such as Ultratech Cement, Sun Pharma, Bajaj Finance, Kotak Mahindra and Axis Bank fell. Ultratech Cement was down 0.71% to 5,555.40. CGSB trades 0.50 percent at 100.15.

Heavy foreign investments
So far in January, foreign investors have invested a net crore of Rs 4,819. However, in the provisional figures it is Rs 9,264 crore. Over Rs 6,000 crore was invested on Friday alone. An investment of Rs 62,000 crore was made in December of last year. Of this amount, Rs 41,898 crore was invested between December 1 and 15, while Rs 20,118 crore was invested between December 16 and 31. In 2020, FII’s total investment in equities stood at Rs 1.60 lakh crore.

Boom in global markets
Global stock markets rebounded on Friday on news of a new back-up plan for the United States. South Korea’s Kopsi closed at 3.97%. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng 1.20 Index and Japan’s Nikkei Index closed at 2.36%. In contrast, China’s Shanghai Composite fell, while in US markets, the Nasdaq index closed at 1.03% and the S&P 500 index closed at 0.55%. Apart from this, the European stock markets also rose.

The market is on a record rally due to the good quarterly results of TCS. TCS is also trading at 1.60%. After the rally, the total market capitalization of companies listed on BSE broke through Rs 196.93 lakh crore.

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