The phrases of the week: “I will not leave the Supreme isolated”

“What the Bible says about abortion” – Universa, ultra-progressive corner of UOL, resorting to heretical exegesis to justify the murder of babies. The text begins by suggesting that the defense of life is the work of “fundamentalist religionists”. Feel the level!

“Do you want to lower inflation? So make sure the richest companies pay their taxes” – Joe Biden, President of the United States. What do you mean Biden did an intensivão with the economists of Unicamp and nobody warns us?

“Only a psychopath or an imbecile to say that the movements of September 7th and May 1st threaten the democracy. Anyone who says that is a psychopath or an imbecile” – Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, about the crazy speech of his arch-enemy Alexandre de Moraes

, the minister of the STF who confuses any and all criticism of him with “anti-democratic acts”.

“I will not leave the Supreme Court isolated” – Rodrigo Pacheco, president of the Senate, in flagrant collusion with the power he was supposed to oversee. You know what happens to sheep that think they can live with wolves, right?

“On the commemorative date of the abolition of slavery, it is opportune to remember the historical debts with the black population and the importance to face the structural racism that diminishes us all.” – Luis Roberto Barroso, STF minister, using all possible clichés in his tireless progressive militancy within the Supreme Court. It remains to be seen whether he will pay our share of this historic debt by TED or Pix.

“Metaphor of white adult male always in charge” – Jean Wyllys ), taking the pains of his partner Gregório Duvivier in the fight with Ciro Gomes, who committed the sin of calling the comedian (cough! cough! ) for a debate with (attention!) “arms parity”.

“Companies need capital for their development. We need technology, we need new markets and we will move forward” – Nicolas Maduro, dictator, when announcing the sale of shares in Venezuelan state-owned companies. Anonymous sources recorded crying and gnashing of teeth at the headquarters of the PSOL after this news.

“But is she an artist?” – Samantha Schmutz, undeniably an artist (I had to Google who she is to not miss the name), questioning the artistic gifts of Juliette, just because the ex-BBB is not (yet) part of the clique.

“White fans have fun with black athletes the day after a racist kills black people in Buffalo – this is white supremacism” – Deadspin, American sports blog. in a nice comment, but we ended up getting distracted by another 3 point basket from Stephen Curry. Sorry.

“I will certainly leave the Supreme Court when I do I work as filthy as you do yours” – Clarence Thomas, Justice of the United States Supreme Court, for a journalist. Despite the phrase, both the judge, the journalist and the audience laughed at the joke.

“The independence framework served the military” – Lilia Schwarcz, historian who enjoys destroying historical works for political convenience. By the way, how can someone who loves to flaunt academic titles be scandalized by the circumstantial political use of a work of art? A scandal would be if the military were inspired by Francis Bacon.

“Curitiba councilor is being impeached for his virtues and not for his defects” – Julio Lancelotti, march priest (to use the expression created by Nelson Rodrigues), passing cloth to the councilman and enfant terrible Renato de Freitas, who likes to spend his Sundays invading churches and disrupting Masses to make blasphemous demonstrations. It is easier to see the chupacabra than to find virtue in the actions of the future ex-councilman.

“It is very ‘disgusting’ to have to go through, again, why we are going through ” – Marco Aurélio, theater director, resorting to English to express his disgust at the government and, thus, pay the due toll to the group that supposedly buys tickets to see his plays. Awful.

“A friend from the future, a journalist, sent me articles from January of 2023. I advance a few: inflation, unemployment, the rise in the dollar, Lula’s fault. Spent of bolsonaro on the corporate card, it was Lula. A new variant of Covid, the PTrmico: it came out of Lula’s beard, and 2 Ferrari pedal boats that Lula already bought!” – Juninho Pernambucano, former soccer player, undisputed ace on the field, but an irredeemable pereba with words, appealing in advance for victimization in the face of failures of a third term of

Lula (knock, knock, knock).

“Lula and Janja’s wedding today, as per the invitation, starts at 2023h. (…) How about we make a toast to the newlyweds here, together, at this exact time?” – Hildegard Angel, gossip columnist, finding a more or less plausible justification for gorging himself on sparkling wine in the middle of Wednesday.

“Let Lula marry in peace” – Mariliz Pereira Jorge, the most histrionic of antibolsonarist journalists, swallowing the jealousy of Janja.

“Yes” – Lula, ex-president, ex-convict and ex-convict, at his lavish wedding party. It is assumed that the bride also said “yes”.

“The individual decision to launch a brutal and unjustified invasion of Iraq. I mean, Ukraine…” – George W. Bush, former president of the United States, in a spectacular faux pas.

“Girls . Machexplicação is a corruption of ‘macho’ and ‘explanation'” – Elon Musk, billionaire and stunt comedian, testing Twitter’s level of freedom of expression.

“Elon Musk in Brazil, in a secret meeting with President Militia, on the eve of the elections, can only mean one thing: COUP D’ESTATE” – Leonel Radde, councilor in Porto Alegre (PT), and who defines himself as “Anti-Fascist, Aikidoka, Vegetarian and Zen Buddhist Civil Police”. The statement was made on the scammer social network Twitter.


Ostentation should be a crime provided for in the Penal Code – Leonardo Sakamoto, journalist, in a large sakada from Saka, saka? Was he invited to the wedding of Lula?

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