The offensive against Antonio Risério and the pact to silence dissonant voices

The editor wants me to comment on the latest controversy on Twitter, this one caused by Folha de S.Paulo, which published the article “Racism of blacks against whites gains strength with identity”, by Antonio Risério . He addressed the dogma that blacks cannot be racist, as well as its impacts on the literate world. The US press deliberately went on to omit racially motivated crimes committed by racist blacks: “In ‘Coloring the News,’ William McGowan recalls a series of racist attacks by blacks against whites on the Washington subway. In one of them, a group of black teenagers shouted: ‘Let’s kill all white people!’. The Washington Post, however, did not treat the conflict as criminal racial conduct, but as a ‘clash of two cultures.’ Regarding the Nation of Islam, in the USA, he recalls: “Disciple […] of Marcus Garvey — an admirer of Hitler (his anti-Semitism even led him to seek a disconcerting partnership with the Ku Klux Klan) and of Mussolini — who became a guru of Bob Marley and Jamaican reggae, faithful to the cult of the dictator Hailé Selassié, Ras Tafari, supposed heir of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.”

And about the Brazilian black movement, he says : “By the way, the Frente Negra Brasileira, in the decade of 1930, not only made open praise of Hitler, including treating Zumbi as a ‘Führer of ebony’, as he supported the Estado Novo of Getúlio Vargas, a sad-tropical version of Italian fascism — and Abdias do Nascimento himself, guru of our current black movements, was an integralist militant.”

For readers of this newspaper, no scandal. It is well-founded truth. Risério has been writing this sort of thing since at least 2007, when he published “Os Movimentos negros e a Utopia Brasileira”. He wrote this devastating work while working for the PT, with which he broke up only in 1930. The left is not an organized dome of conspirators. Like the right, it’s a scythe fight and mixes people of good and bad faith. There are conspirators and there are muggles; there’s a trickster and there’s a mané. Risério was always there. He has been a leftist since his teens and was arrested during the dictatorship – although he has never been involved in terrorism. Unlike so many old ex-communists, he did not disband from the left. (And it’s not an easy stampede. I’ve heard an ex-terrorist telling his story and he seems to be a Jehovah’s Witness leaving the faith. He loses family and friends.)

I repeat: Risério has always been there. The way people react to it varies. The most common way since his break with the PT is to pretend he doesn’t exist. I would guess that the bulk of the attention given to Risério is now caused by the interest of the right. The last time Risério was linked to a Twitter controversy was via Leandro Narloch, who reviewed his book on black slaves in Bahia. The liberal polemicist removed the cobwebs that the beautiful people imposed on the old leftist. Josias Teófilo, olavete, has insisted on the networks that the right needs to know Risério. Leaving material from Risério with Teófilo, capable of wanting to cancel it again.

A Folha

Amazing , in this whole story, is that Folha published the article. Folha has preferred to pretend that 16% of leftists are in favor of identity, and that the “civilized right” is also in favor. These starched people from ESG. Until Risério’s article, in the bubble of beatiful people everything happened as if being against identity made you, in the act, a successful rightist. Naturally, this contributed to the fact that no one in that environment dared to speak out on the subject.

I don’t know why Folha escaped its own pattern and published the article. I have two hypotheses: it was because of the controversy, which causes buzz and attention – desirable things for those who sell newspapers – or because of an attempt by a minority wing of the PT to prevent the party’s electoral suicide. You can read about this issue right here, in the Gazeta.

Journalist Renan Ramalho listened to figures with many years on the left to find out what they thought the PT would do with the identity agenda. The description made by Aldo Rebelo in the article seems to me the closest to reality: according to him, Lula hates identity, but the PT was captured from within and will continue with this suicidal strategy. In the article we see Rui Falcão, a PT leader, saying that “you cannot downgrade your program just thinking about winning votes”. That any professional politician belittles the gain in votes is jaw-dropping.

In any case, Folha’s staff reacted again with a cockroach on Twitter. I only reproduce the tweet by Thiago Amparo, an identity scholar who holds an important position for calling himself black and gay. He had reacted to Narloch’s text by writing a column on his physiological reactions. This time it was just a funny tweet: “I wish this tiredness – deep, dehumanizing – would go away; to turn into the sea; a sea in which, together, we could dive, dissipating our tiredness to, in the end, set it on fire. I wish this pain of fighting for humanity would one day cease. From this sea of ​​fatigue we will make tomorrow.”

The global Flávia Oliveira replied: “Breathe, Thiago. breathe. Please.” There is a gap of about two hours between tweets. Apparently, he enjoyed his respiratory faculties and didn’t need to read the tweet of the lady with the mask n95 in the profile picture to breathe, since he is tweeting to this day.


According to Twitter, Risério’s column was the subject from Brazil on 16 January 2022. I reproduce the summary that big tech gave of what happened:

As you can see, the term “reverse racism” appeared. The term “reverse racism” does not appear in Risério’s text.

We know that big techs have dogmas inculcated in partnership with the common press: there is structural racism against blacks who it must be used as an explanation of evils and inequalities (always interpreted as evils); there are infinite genres (denying this is transphobia); it’s horrible to be gay in the West; Covid vaccine is so safe that it doesn’t even cause the side effects predicted on the package insert and everyone has to take a thousand doses. Coverage of the issue followed dogma. Risério is the ugly and bad boy scolded by wise and good experts.

However, searching the name “Risério” on Twitter, the results show that this is not the case. I don’t know how much the results vary from person to person, but the first result that appeared was Prof. Wilson Gomes, who I don’t follow, defending Risério. Wilson Gomes is another leftist; left liberal. I open his profile and find that he spent the day being called a white man – he, who is dark. Wilson Gomes is a professor of communication at UFBA and writes in that identity PT den that is Revista Cult. He is one of those who has a thousand faults, a thousand criticisms, but goes from 13 against the right wing.

Josias Teófilo appears defending, who is an olavete personally close to Olavo. Martim Vasques da Cunha appears, who is an ex-olavete who is in great antagonism with Olavo, defending Risério. There are a lot of profiles supporting Aldo Rebelo supporting Risério. Weirds show up saying that Identitarians play the CIA’s game. Liberals appear (the real ones, without modesty) supporting Risério.

Who likes identitarians besides big techs? Globo, Magazine Luiza… Anyway, the money people. But money doesn’t buy everything. There is no money to make identitarianism loved: just someone speaks out against it, and you will soon find massive support. That’s why they need so many torches and tridents.

Torches and tridents or indifference

From the political tribes, I felt lack of anarcho-capitalists and the gang of Luciano Ayan, the guru behind the fake news CPMI. I don’t know why I didn’t see an anarcho-capitalist post; It must be an algorithm thing. From Ayan’s class it’s easy to explain: because they block me. But no problem, I open it in another browser. Michele Prado didn’t make a peep about it. Madeleine Lacsko tweeted like this: “Who are the smarties working for free this Sunday? Riserio and Leaf. They only work for free for Constantino from Monday to Friday. The lack of a sink and learning algorithm.” The idea was to return Risério to the cobwebs, apparently.

(A parenthesis: in case my colleague and I have readers in common who do not want to believe in her intellectual subjection to Ayan, I suggest that watch this interview, done well before he was arrested. And if you don’t want to believe in her joining the CPMI of fake news, I suggest you watch this program with Ângelo Coronel, the rapporteur. And in her last text she says that fake news kills She asks for an end to funding instead of censorship, that is, she asks for punishments like that of Bárbara do Te Atualizei.)

Let’s go to Luciano Ayan’s profile – or rather, Carlos Afonso’s , since he dropped the alias. The racialist Sílvio Almeida was retweeting, who wrote an article calling Risério a racist. He retweeted it saying: “Great summary. It is important to fight but prevent these ‘chaos engineers’ from capitalizing on the indignation of others. The reaction must be assertive, but taking away their attention.”

Apparently, these geniuses want to repeat with Risério the strategy used for years against Olavo de Carvalho. What turned out to be.

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