The news reports that revealed the Holodomor, the famine that killed four million Ukrainians



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There was a pre-Holocaust holocaust in Europe that we all know and learn about in school. In Ukraine, enter 1563 and 1933, four million people died of starvation because of the policies implemented by the dictator of the Soviet Union , Joseph Stalin. He confiscated the land and agricultural produce of Ukrainian peasants, in a forced collectivization attempt that went terribly wrong. This genocide was kept relatively hidden from the rest of the world thanks to communist repression and the help of journalists aligned with Moscow, who knew the story but preferred to keep it a secret. It was the Welsh journalist Gareth Jones, who spoke Russian and traveled through Russia and Ukraine, who revealed to the world the atrocities committed by the Soviets. In several articles published in the English press, he showed the result of Stalin’s persecution of Ukrainian peasants.

In this edition of the Quarantine Cult podcast we received journalist and writer Duda Teixeira, who translated Jones’ texts and brought them together in the book ‘Hunger in Ukraine: The reports from the front of Holodomor‘, by Avis Rara. Teixeira is also co-author of the Politically Incorrect Guide to Latin America together with Leandro Narloch.

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