The new year began with an increase; Sensex rose 115 points to 47,866, Nifty broke 14,000 thousand level Breaking 10-year record on the first day of the new year, market closed with gains for 9th consecutive week

GujaratiBusiness NewsThe new year started with an increase; The Sensex Rose 115 points at 47866, the Nifty crossed the 14000 thousand level

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Bombay 10 days ago

The stock market broke a 10-year record during the trading week that ended on New Year’s Day. The market rose for the 9th consecutive week. The first such weekly increase was in April 2010. The Nifty also closed at 14,000 points for the first time. The Sensex rose 118 points to close at 47868.

Shares of ITC, TCS, M&M, SBI, Bharti Airtel and others closed higher on the Sensex. The ITC rose 2.32 percent to close at 213.85. TCS rose 2.02 percent to close at 2,928.20. However, shares of ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Titan Company, Bajaj Finserv and Bajaj Finance closed lower. ICICI Bank fell 1.36 percent to close at 527.55. HDFC Bank fell 0.83 percent to close at 1,424.85.

Market capitalization at a record level
The total market capitalization of companies listed on BSE crossed for the first time Rs 189.26 lakh crore. Shares of 3,170 companies were traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) following a rally. Of those, 2,043 or 64 percent of the shares closed with gains.

The Nifty also set a record
The Nifty also set a new record on Friday. It rose 36.75 points to close at 14,018.50 for the first time. The index reached 14,049.85 intraday. Shares of Adani Port rose 47.39% to close at Rs 505. Shares of ITC and TCS rose 2 percent. Shares of SBI and M&M rose more than 1 percent. ICICI Bank shares fell 1.36 percent to close at 527.80.

Growth of the economy in fiscal year 2021-2022
According to the ICRA rating agency, the Indian economy is expected to grow by around 10% in fiscal year 2021-2022. The agency previously projected a 7-7.9% drop in the economy for 2020-2021, down from 4.2% at the start of the year.

Anthony West List
Antony Waste Handling Cell shares are listed on the BSE with a premium of 36.5%. The issue price at the time of the IPO was 315 rupees. The stock was listed on the BSE at Rs 430. The stock strengthened to Rs 492.75 after listing. This is 56% more than the issue price.

Previously, the company’s IPO was about 15 times more underwritten than the size of its issue. The action closed at Rs 407.25, down 5.29 percent from the listing price. However, investors gained 29.29% on this price.

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