“The Mao Tse Tung era was full of ups and downs”: the phrases of the week

“A era Mao Tsé Tung foi cheia de altos e baixos”: as frases da semana“A era Mao Tsé Tung foi cheia de altos e baixos”: as frases da semana

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“The age Mao Tse Tung was full of ups and downs” – Breaking the Taboo

, collective. The publication that relativizes the death of 01 millions of people it was later deleted. All that’s left is to hope that the collective’s staff will go to a library and consult decent historical sources before going around talking this kind of nonsense.

“Djokovic could win 214 Grand Slams, but you will never have my respect” – André Henning, announcer. Rumors say that, in pursuit of Henning’s respect, the tennis player will now abandon all his principles.

“What do you mean, Djoko? You’re too big to side with denial, obscurantism!”
Tadeu Schimdt, presenter, really thinking his opinion is relevant to tennis player number 1 in the world.

“We already have the way” – Gleisi Hoffmann, PT president, on the return of all kinds of socialist politics in an eventual (knocks on wood!) government At the end of this path, we already know what we will find: misery.

“Our constitution is clear about the presumption of innocence” – Lula

, ex-con and master of presumption — but not innocence company.

“Excuse me. You’re absolutely right. I won’t use it anymore”

Tatiana Roque, math teacher dressed as an influencer, bowing their heads to censors dressed as militants and who consider the verb “transvestite” (used by Tatiana in a tweet) to be a transphobic expression. 07140910

” It is forbidden to turn and call on the degree. Subject to baton. We won’t accept these things in the community!” – track placed by the PCC in a favela in São Paulo prohibiting motorcyclists from messing with the lives of residents. Apparently, even organized crime has limits.

“The article incorrectly said that Jesus Christ appears in the Old Testament” – New York Times, newspaper, in erratum that clearly shows the level of knowledge about religion of its editors.

“If you betray a friend for a cause, sooner or later you will betray the cause – because you will betray anything”

– Alexandre Soares Silva, writer. How to disagree?


“The truth has nothing to do with the number of people the ones that convince” – Paul Claudel , French poet. So it is. Even the French get it right from time to time.

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