The LGBT Left is an Aggressor in the Culture War

Alto escalão da Disney fala em “agenda queer nada secreta”

Senior Disney Talks About “No Secret Queer Agenda”| Photo: Pixabay

Last week, reporter Chris Rufo posted footage of high-profile Disney officials promising to inject their radical LGBTQ agenda into children’s programming.

Disney producer Latoya Raveneau told a general meeting that her team works to push a “no-secret gay agenda” into programming. for kids and adding “queer” stuff to such content.

Disney corporate president Karey Burke stated that she is the mother of “one transgender child and one pansexual child” and that she would try to put in place a quota system where half of all Disney characters would be LGBTQ or people of color.

Diversity and inclusion supervisor Vivian Ware stated that beloved Disney theme parks would eliminate all mentions to “ladies and gentlemen” or “boys and girls”. This was the trigger for a well-deserved storm at the Mouse House.

Disney has long been leftist on social issues, but in the aftermath of the fabricated controversy surrounding Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, which protects young children from indoctrination regarding sexual orientation and identity of gender, a bunch of angry employees pressured the administration to signal even more allegiance to the tribe.

Disney’s top hats obeyed, announcing that they were opposed to the Florida bill and thus handing over the company to its most radical contingent. And people reacted. #BoycottDisney has started to rise in the hottest topics on social media. We at Daily Wire have committed to spend U$100 million to produce children’s content that is safe for children — content dedicated to traditional values ​​that parents wouldn’t have to worry about selecting shows without messages about non-binary five-year-olds.

The left — catches the children’s bottle with her mouth — immediately turned around and accused the right to start this culture war. Michelle Goldberg of the New York Times lamented that she felt awful about Raveneau’s plight, who after all was just “taking the initiative to defend the company’s status as friendly to the queer [e LGBT], until it became a national object of right-wing fury and disgust.” , and whose injection of LGBTQ propaganda into children’s content was “innocent and harmless”.

CNN called Washington Post transgender columnist Charlotte Clymer, with the caption “LGBT COMMUNITY IS THE LATEST TARGET IN CULTURAL WAR”. The moral of the story, according to the social left, is that anyone who advocates traditionalism in child rearing — or anyone who simply doesn’t want children to be the target of sexual propaganda — is the real cultural offender.

This is an obvious lie. It’s a lie that won’t go down well with people looking for radical change.

If they want to oppose gay rights liturgy to parental rights, gay rights are likely to suffer. If you want to suggest that LGBTQ freedom extends to teachers who lead children into initiation into sexual conversations without parental permission, parents are unlikely to just watch dumbfounded.

For decades, the social left has made inroads on the grounds that they just want to be left alone. The right, by contrast, argued that the left’s agenda is much broader, that the left demands a cultural celebration of its sexual mores, and that it will be relentless in remake society in order to achieve its narcissistic goals.

Disney’s latest offensive in the culture wars proves that the right was right, that the left’s stated agenda was a lie and that its “nothing secret” agenda targets the most vulnerable Americans.

Disney shows no signs of backing down from the extremism of the general meeting unmasked before the world. And other companies are following Disney’s path, pushing for left-wing activism rather than serving the broadest possible market.

For far too long, Americans have buried their heads in the sand in the hope that free market forces will stand up to the cultural co-optation of corporate institutions. Instead, the corporations built by entrepreneurs were co-opted by identity workers and a careless administrative class.

The retaliation will be intense, and it should be intense. And if it involves a parental rejection of Mickey Mouse, that’s what they will increasingly do.

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