The left today is a 100% anti-poor, savage capitalist and employer ideology

A well-born lady, who was certainly well fed in childhood and earns in a month more than a sertanejo beneficiary of a family grant earns in a year, passes a public prosecutor contest in the Northeast, goes to the sertão and claims that meat is expensive, so public schools have to stop offering it to children. You have a villain so perfect, but so perfect, that she seems made up. And more: invented by a very pamphleteer filmmaker, like Wagner Moura or Kléber Mendonça. Is the prosecutor white? She is. White like a paper. So that’s it: in the backlands of the most African state in Brazil, a rich woman entrenched in the state abuses her own power and orders: “Let them eat meat at home with their money”. There is a script for a film caviar gauche to be shown in Berlin and Paris.

However , not only is this lady real, she has come to nothing. Only one “right-wing” newspaper, founded in Paraná, complained. The beautiful people of the main Bahian newspaper, Correio, found everything very beautiful. He didn’t make a sound criticizing – not even when the Escola Bahiana de Medicina highlighted the experimental character of arbitration by announcing that children would be the object of study. Experimentation with the health of poor and mulatto children: a Nazi thing.

The left is a disgrace

In the year of 2022, in Brazil, we can look at this case and rightly say that the left is a disgrace. Because we know that – at least now, in 2022 – the guidelines of “sustainability” (ie, genocidal neo-Malthusianism disguised as environmentalism) and “diversity” (ie, quotas based on gender and race ideologies) go hand in hand. If Lula used to celebrate the people’s barbecue as a sign of success, now he says that the Brazilian middle class cannot be more comfortable than the European one (what a time!), and takes lessons from Janja so as not to offend vegans. The mission of the left today is not to take care of the worker, it is to take care of the “planet”. Instead of asking enough wages for a father of a family to play wife and children, or maternity leave and day care for working mothers not to leave their children without shelter, the left today asks for the right to castration and abortion. The left today is an ideology 100% anti-poor, savage capitalist and employers.

However, it tends to mask. You see, it’s not that it’s in favor of a worker not being able to maintain a household with a female housewife – it’s in favor of a woman’s liberation from the shackles of marriage. You see, it’s not that it’s in favor of a female worker not being able to feed her children with her salary – it’s in favor of freeing women from the shackles of motherhood. You see, it’s not that I’m in favor of meddling with prices and flattening wages so that workers can’t have a car and eat healthy, vitamin B food12 of beefsteak helping to develop children’s brains – it’s all about saving the planet. Otherwise, the gas from the cars and the fart of the cow will destroy the planet!! Peter Singer says that meat is a luxury (and that apes are rational people able to communicate like deaf-mutes), so it can only be true. In the name of the children’s future, cut the children’s steaks!

Look, this is not to say that the worker should not have financial comfort if he falls ill and, therefore, it must die as soon as its productivity ceases. It is the right to a dignified death, to euthanasia! That’s why Canada pays for it: because it’s good and compassionate.

Liberal de modes is a disgrace

I said that today, in 2022, the left is a disgrace; more precisely, it is this disgrace of “sustainability” plus “diversity”, which has been implemented from top to bottom by wild capitalists, monopolists, via ESG. These people make the State a drag on corporations: be it a buyer of fashions to be distributed, or a Leviathan freezing the bank accounts of those who don’t want to adhere to compliance public-private. Didn’t you take the Covid vaccine bought with your money and protest against the obligation? Trudeau freezes his bank accounts and puts him in jail.

Well then: Novo, a party whose financiers were linked to Itaú, which used the signatures of Bolsonaristas to open and then expelled them, now he launches his thoroughbred ticket to the presidency. The key point of his government’s plan is to transform Brazil into a zero carbon green country.

No, it doesn’t matter what Sri Lanka is currently experiencing. No, it doesn’t matter that Sri Lanka’s green policy was devised by an intellectual dear to the MST.

It makes no sense to say that the New is left-wing (as the tios do zape), nor that the MST is neoliberal (as the PCO and the like would say). It is a separate ideology that swallows everything. That infiltrates left and right; in the State and in universities.

Same language

Let’s go back to the prosecutor who left the children without meat, eggs and milk. If we repeated common anti-communist rhetoric, we would miss the elephant in the room: her liberal lingo. The same agenda that disguises itself as the left using the language of rights – the right not to take care of children, to abort them, to cut off one’s own tits or penis, to be killed by a doctor when doing damage to the State or to the boss – also disguises himself as a liberal using the language of economics. Want to do something different from the Only Legitimate Agenda? Well, only with your money, since the Voz da Siença has determined that eating meat is unscientific, and the State must be guided by Siença – or by some plucked experts, which is the same thing. Just as the left sacrificed the worker on the altar of progressivism, liberalism sacrificed democracy. Now whoever is presented to us as the legitimate mastermind is a corrupt science.

The prosecutor’s language has a quite recognizable precedent in the booklet by RC Christian, the author of the Georgia Guidestones that I dealt with in this text. As we have seen, the most sinister commandment is the first, to keep humanity below half a billion. In the book Common Sense Renewed, he explains: “Reproduction is no longer a personal matter between two individuals. More than any other human action, it affects the whole of society, now and in future ages” (p. 25). So far, the language is palatable to the totalitarian left. However, the immediately preceding paragraph begins with individualistic liberal economic language and fiscal austerity: “Industrialized nations are increasingly burdened with the social and monetary costs of raising children produced by irresponsible and inadequate parents. This is a serious injustice against such children and against taxpayers who are burdened with the costs of providing them with food, clothing, education and housing.”

O The tenor of his conclusion is in complete opposition to both liberalism and the historical left. Liberalism is against central planning; the left, in turn, has always wanted to plan the possible and the impossible with only man in view – not whales or carbon. it can provide practical incentives and disincentives to guide individuals in their procreation in ways that protect the legitimate and long-term interests of a larger social group. This must be done, even though at times the wishes of individuals have to submit to the needs of the state. . Reasonable compromises can strike a balance between the rights of the individual and those of other citizens”. This paragraph is vague and worded in accordance with current vocabulary. It could have been written by someone from Novo or PSB. It may sound very moderate, very reasonable. The problem is that the would-be enlightened who wrote it – and the would-be enlightened ones who read it – think they agree on what is reasonable. And so the document goes: “Humanity has succeeded in applying practical genetic principles to the domestication of plants and animals. It is now in our power to begin the domestication of our own species. […] No baby should be born by accident”. And how many people should there be in this wonderful world? Less than half a billion, even: “Excesses in procreation often result in degradation and poverty. It would be difficult, even in the short term, to provide five billion human beings with the current material standards typical of today’s technically advanced societies. A reduction in the total number is essential to maximize the potential of every human being. […] Providing 500 millions of people with American living standards may exceed that limit on a perpetual time scale.”

Sometimes the campaign against poverty and disease is a campaign against the poor and the sick. And the planet undoubtedly matters more than they do.

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