The IT sector in 2021 is able to accelerate new opportunities | The IT sector in 2021 is able to accelerate new opportunities

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New Delhi 13 days ago

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The Covid-19 caused a lot of chaos in 2020. However, India’s 19,191 billion IT sector has seen some resilience. This demonstrates the ability to accelerate new opportunities in 2021. In addition to being ready to meet the challenges posed by digital investments. The surge in Corona cases in early 2020 led to a state of lockdown around the world, including the country. In which Indian IT companies faced two challenges. The first is to continue doing business with customers without interruption and ensuring the safety of their staff.

Infosys, Wipro and Tech Mahindra were booking charter flights to repatriate staff and their families stranded abroad due to the outbreak. As well as the trend of work at home. 98% of IT employees maintained business continuity by working from home. 2020 brought major changes to the business model. “Technology is now an integral part of life,” said Sangeeta Gupta, senior vice president of Nasscom. We have moved to a hybrid operating model in less time to serve our global customers. Which proves the capabilities of the Indian IT industry. Consumers hail the industry’s resilience. The demand from IT companies will continue to increase in the near future. The Great Depression was even worse than the recession of 2008. Consumers cut their IT budgets and preferred to save money.

Largest IT company cautious outlook
Large IT companies such as TCS, Infosys and Cognizant have published cautious outlook for the new fiscal year. They will keep the salary increase and the promotion suspended for the time being. Infosys and Wipro have suspended operations with prospects for revenue growth due to uncertainty.

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