The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 13 Recap and Review, Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 13 Recap and Review: Conflict and sadness result from a complex web of connections and emotions. As a result of Mr. Jeong and Su-breakup, yeong’s Sang-su is forced to face his affections for Su-yeong. The audience is nevertheless getting frustrated by Mi-deceitful gyeong’s actions.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 13 Recap

Ahn Su-yeong and Gyeon-pil have a late-night rendezvous in the opening of episode 13. The scenario where Gyeon-pil confesses to Su-yeong that he once dated a wealthy woman but had to break up with her because her cousin told him to is then brought up again. He did it in order to sleep with his ex-best girlfriend’s friend. It’s a bizarre tale for an odd character—one who is despicable.

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In the current plot, Gyeon-pil answers Su-phone yeong’s when Jong-hyeon calls her, confusing him. After Gyeon-pil suggests that they are having an intimate relationship, Su-yeong cruelly puts her phone off rather than talking to Jong-hyeon. Gyeon-pil queries Su-yeong about her potential regret about her treatment of Jong-hyeon. She insists she won’t.

The Interest Of Love Episode 13 Release Date

The Interest Of Love Episode 13 will air on February 1 at around 3 p.m. (GMT) / 10 p.m. (ET). English subtitles should be accessible right away thanks to Netflix’s lightning-fast subtitle team. The duration of episode 13 should be approximately 1 hour and 11 minutes, in keeping with the overall runtime of the programme.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 13 Recap and Review

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 13 Review

While I understand Su-yeong wanted to break her ties with everyone and start over, the way she went about doing this has created a great deal of anguish for everyone. Anyone who has been betrayed will tell you that even though Jong-hyeon may be needy and have a victim mentality, the emotion of betrayal cuts deeper than any knife. Jong-hyeon wasn’t deserving of that treatment, especially because they only exchanged words at the end and Su-yeong acknowledged that their love had ran out.

There’s no way Sang-su would be so forgiving and still throw himself at Su-feet, yeong’s especially not after how he behaved so early in the season, especially in a show that prides itself on supposedly realistic thoughts and ideas. I recognise that it’s a sign of his character development, but even so, the shift to total indifference seems like a step too far.

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 13 Recap and Review

I’m relieved that we were finally able to find closure in the break-up moment with Mi-gyeong, which ought to have happened earlier. Although everything else, notably the visual symbolism at play, makes this one of the stronger K-dramas this year, the show still frequently employs these misunderstanding clichés, which is unfortunate.

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Where Can I Watch The Interest Of Love

The Interest Of Love will be viewable on Netflix in every country. However, this is a JTBC original that airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10.30 p.m. in Korea (KST)

The Interest of Love Season 1 Episode 13 Trailer

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