The global gold dollar rebounds to 50 nearly 53,000 domestic, silver futures cross 70,000 | Global Gold Dollar Bounces to 50 Nearly 53,000 Domestic, Silver Futures Cross 70,000

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Ahmedabad 6 days ago

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Bitcoin declines, platinum bullish trend moves to level 11 1100

The bull market has restarted the bullish trend. Gold rose an average of 50 ડો and was quoted around 1940 ઝડપી on the international market when demand for hedge funds stalled for a month. Silver, meanwhile, rose 4% to ચાર 27.50. Gold in Ahmedabad rose by Rs 800 to close at Rs 53,000 and is trading at Rs 52,800 on the back of world markets. Silver futures jumped 3% to Rs 70,000 and March futures were listed at Rs 70,345. February gold futures were listed at Rs 51,160.

In Ahmedabad silver increased from Rs 1,500 to Rs 68,500 and in New Delhi silver increased from Rs 69,454 in 2012. While gold is trading at Rs 50,619, up 877 points. The continued strength of the rupee against the dollar in the forex market has led to a sharp rise in the domestic market. The rupee strengthened 9 points to close at 73.02 after hitting an intraday high of 72 against the dollar. In the international market, if gold closes above 19-1930 on a weekly basis, there are indications that the -1 1970-1985 level will pass quickly. While the silver has a new focus 28 28.30-29.30, closing above 27 27.70. Platinum-palladium, along with gold and silver, is on an uptrend. Platinum rose sharply to 11,100 while palladium remained at 24,2458. Platinum has the potential to rise faster than palladium. Rising gold prices and wedding season purchases are currently cold, which has led to the normalization of the jewelry market. The purchase of coins by small investors for jewelry is on the rise.

Gold-silver shone thanks to Bitcoin profitbooking
Bitcoin saw hedge funds reserve profits after the rally. Bitcoin is now trading around 30-30,500 after falling near the 35-35,000 level above. Gold-silver and platinum, which hedge funds earn from Bitcoin and pour into the bullion market, have risen sharply on average by two to three percent. Bitcoin quickly reached the 000 35000 level. The artificial doubling of 16 16000-17000 in Bitcoin two months ago should be a temporary pause.

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