“The fight is here. I need ammo, not a ride”: the phrases of the week

“The fight is here. I need ammunition, not a ride” – Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine. The phrase isn’t exactly funny, but it’s a banana for the western cowardice that spurred the tsar’s imperial delusions Vladimir Putin.

“I’m very sorry that the press, especially corporate TVs, cover almost only the war, showing nothing of the receptivity of Lula in Mexico” – Leonardo Boff, idolatrous lulophile , for whom the tour of an ex-convict in Acapulco would be more important than a war with the potential to become a nuclear catastrophe. Lula is also a catastrophe, but not so much,



“Putin may surround Kiev with tanks, but he will never win the hearts and souls of the Iranian people” – Joe Biden, US President, )mistaking garlic for bugarlic (apud Millôr Fernandes ). The curious thing is that Biden’s geographical mistake ended up overshadowing the sentimentality, superficiality and cowardice of the phrase.

“A TV tower was bombed. At least five people died in that attack. Another ten lost their lives.” – Tainá Falcão, journalist. Who knows, does it live. Syrian refugee was to be a Ukrainian refugee” – Guga Noblat, journalist and sommelier of humanitarian crisis For Noblat and this morally corrupt left, there is a hierarchy, that is, a relationship of oppression also among those fleeing wars.

“We are witnessing the rise of neo-Nazism with the sponsorship of the USA and Europe?” – Márcia Denser, writer, echoing the war propaganda of Vladimir Putin, idol in disguise of the extreme left. By the way: we are not.

“Has FIFA already excluded Israel from the World Cup for the Palestinian genocide?” – Lucas Rocha, journalist, reproducing the anti-Israel discourse of this group that even another day was canceling podcast host for “apology for Nazism”.

“Kiev Metro, shelter against war, is a positive legacy of oppression Soviet Union” – Nabil Bonduki, architect. And so, what was a joke (like the communist diet that is guaranteed to lose weight) becomes an argument. We are looking forward to a text that talks about the positive legacy of the gulags as well.

“Do not buy public companies, because we will discuss again” – Lula, ex-president and ex-convict, suggesting the possibility of a wave of ex-propriation (fished? fished?) if elected.

“São Paulo and Corinthians will face each other amid the threat nuclear” – Juca Kfouri, sports journalist, trying to coin a catchphrase to escape the irrelevance that has lasted almost as long as the famous drought of Corinthians titles (1977-


“Hombrity is a very problematic concept” – Pablo Villaça, cinephile, correcting his progressive friend André Fran, who dared to praise the courage of the Ukrainian president. Much less problematic are the concepts of “cowardice” and “emasculation”.


“We have our own notion of what is fair or unfair” – Vladimir Putin, warlord Russian, in an interview with the filmmaker and leftist activist )Oliver Stone. And there are still those who say that Putin will save the West from itself. Aff.

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