The Fartura Festival takes place online with dishes created by chefs and delivered to your home – 10/12/2020 – Restaurants

One of the country’s best-known gastronomic projects, Fartura is launching a special edition during the pandemic. Simultaneously in six capitals, the event follows the model adopted by other attractions this year and will have most of its programming online.

From this Friday (11) to Sunday (13), the cities of São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Fortaleza, Belém and Porto Alegre receive the attractions of the event, in an edition called Festival Fartura Gastronomia du Brasil.

The project is known for exploring the variety of Brazilian cuisine, expeditions to different regions of the country, in addition to making the content available to the public on its own platform and organizing face-to-face festivals, in which producers, chefs and academics meet with the public. With the limits imposed by the coronavirus, the Fartura Gastronomia Festival of Brasil seeks to combine all of this in another model.

For this, the initiative brought together 30 chefs from all the participating cities to form pairs and together create menus that will be served in the restaurants of the members of the duo. In addition, ingredients typical of each city have been chosen to compose the cooks menu.

Did you find it complicated? Let’s do it in stages. From the capital of São Paulo, for example, Rodrigo Oliveira (Balaio-IMS), Janaína Rueda (Bar da Dona Onça), Morena Leite (Capim Santo; she is also curator of the event), Mara Salles (Tordesilhas) and Manuelle Ferraz (A Baianeira) were asked to prepare banana dishes.

Morena Leite has joined Vico Crocco (from Croccos Studio, from Porto Alegre). The ingredient in gauchos is olive oil. Thus, the menu created by the duo will be served in the restaurants of the two professionals.

It starts with the grilled octopus with herbs, the potatoes cooked in olive oil, the salad of mini beet leaves. In the main scene there is the pirarucu confit in olive oil and the amburana with crispy baroa potato lace, a cashew nut sauce with zucchini. At the end there is pecan flour banoffee with coconut oil. The individual meal costs R $ 120. The price is the same for the cities of Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Porto Alegre and São Paulo. In Fortaleza and Belém, it costs R $ 95.

It is also possible to order the meal at home, delivered, on the Fartura site. In this modality, the dishes serve two people and must be finished by the consumer. The price is R $ 240 in Fortaleza and Belém. In other cities, the price reaches 290 R $.

The online lineup, meanwhile, features chef tips for everyday cooking, with lives on recipes and food entrepreneurship, as well as musical performances and plays.

Finally, as in face-to-face events, it is possible to buy products from small producers from all over Brazil online. These are products like cheeses from Minas Gerais, buchada, coffee, cocoa, among others.

The full schedule can be found on the page

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