The embarrassing and misguided moralistic crusade of deputy-whey

A perseguição a adversários e a ambição de se criar uma sociedade intelectualmente homogênea são estandartes empunhados pela esquerda.

The persecution of opponents and the ambition to create an intellectually homogeneous society are banners wielded by the left. | Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

It’s Sunday and I’m choking on my popcorn while watching “South Park: Post-Covid”. I comment to my wife that I’ve been missing this kind of vulgarly fearless and anarchic humor, with no other objective than to tickle the spectator’s perception of reality. There however however (and yet) the cell phone notifies me that I have a new message.

The virtual Hermes informs me that a congressman from Ceará with more whey than philosophy in his head is in-dig-na-do with the film “Como Se Become the Worst Student at School”, written by comedian Danilo Gentili. All because, in one of the opening scenes, a villain of the film makes an allegedly comical allusion to pedophilia. For the deputy, whose name I make a point of not mentioning (but I do mention it out of professional duty: André Fernandes), it is absurd that a villain is evil, hypocritical and sexual pervert. All the worse if it is played by another disaffected actor, the actor Fábio Porchat.

Not satisfied with accusing Gentili of making (pause for a very long sigh of condescending boredom) “apology for child sexual abuse”, the deputy, in his embarrassing, mistaken and blind moralist crusade, asked for help from Minister Damares Alves. He wants the State, in the figure of the minister, to give the coup de grâce in another regrettable episode of virtual lynching for political purposes. “Minister Damares is already taking care of the matter! I just talked to her”, says the deputy. “I hope it’s just a little bravado”, I think in my semi-pathological naivety.

I hope, but it seems that it is not. Because, faced with the oh-serious accusation, the Minister of Justice (!) Anderson Torres expressed himself on Twitter, saying that he determined “immediately that the various sectors of the Ministry of Justice adopt the appropriate measures for the case!!”. The appropriate measures, Minister, are only one: ignore. It is not up to you or anyone else to use the structure of the State to persecute comedians just because they are disaffected who, in a work of fiction, created a pedophile villain. I repeat: a pedophile villain. Villain! Villain! Villain!

Ah, I just saw here that, as a good opportunist, Culture Secretary Mário Frias also said he intends to use his magic marker to “take action” against Danilo Gentili and Netflix. I am also awaiting a position from the Minister of Infrastructure, Health and, perhaps, even from Minister Paulo Guedes. And while I’m sitting there, I take the opportunity to ask you who may have come this far foaming with rage at me: what’s the difference between this kind of persecution and an innocuous and old joke of a disaffection for the persecution perpetrated by the Federal Supreme Court against conservatives of high and low strain?

The art of not learning anything

The delayed attempt to censor, reprimand, and punish a comedian for a joke comes a week after another morality harbinger, fellow deputy Arthur do Val, turns out to be an ostracized, pumped-up hypocrite. Uncompromising defender of an ideal state of affairs and, therefore, a mad critic of petismo and bolsonarismo, Arthur do Val ignored the imperfection that makes him human and made a political career posing as perfect. It got what it did.

The deputy and the minister who now show themselves willing to go to the extreme because of a bad joke in a movie ditto follow the same path. And if they don’t learn anything from the many hypocrites of the right and left who have fallen from their own heights in recent years, it’s because they repeat the suicidal pattern of attacking people, not ideas, and above all not recognizing that their opponents, be they comedians, journalists or politicians, have the right to express their annoyances, however absurd they may seem.

The opposite of this is the single thought governed by a severe (and necessarily hypocritical) morality, capable of condemning to real or symbolic death anyone who deviates from it. I am sorry to be the one to inform this to the deputy, the Minister of Justice and any supporters of this “puritan lynching”, but the persecution of opponents and the ambition to create an intellectually homogeneous society are banners held by the left. By PT. by Lula. By PSOL. By Guilherme Boulos. By China. By Venezuela. For everything that the right, whether Bolsonarista or not, says it opposes.

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