The damage the left has done to female desires

Os desejos de namorar, se casar, ter filhos, fazer sexo com comprometimento emocional e de proteger as crianças foram afetados pelo feminismo.

Desires to date, marry, have children, have sex with emotional commitment, and to protect children have all been affected by feminism.| Photo: Pixabay


As I have shown on several occasions, the left spoils everything it touches. There is no exception. From universities to high school and now through elementary school, through TV shows, sports, the arts and, increasingly, science, the left is a machine of destruction.

And this tragic destruction is clear as far as women are concerned. In fact, nothing demonstrates the power of leftist ideology more than what that ideology has done to women. The leftist ideology is so powerful that it overcomes the feminine nature.

Here it is five examples:

1 – Desire to join a man

Throughout history, virtually all women sought a man to unite with. Of course, progressives will say that this only happened because societies implanted this desire in women or because social pressure did not give women other options. Progressives will say that the desire for men is not innate to women.

Whatever the reason – nature or social expectation – the fact is that women’s attraction to men was virtually universal. That’s where leftist feminism came from, which, over generations and through all possible influences – especially teachers and the press – taught that women don’t need men.

In the words of a feminist aphorism, “a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle”.

Unfortunately, the reality is that most women need a man just like most men need a women. Men don’t fully mature without women and women don’t fully mature without men.

If you need proof, ask any married person, male or female, if marriage made her mature.

2 – Desire to get married

As well as the attraction to men, most women wanted to get married. It was assumed that wanting a public commitment to a man was part of female nature. Yes, the left managed to get rid of that part of the female nature too.

As a result of feminist and leftist indoctrination, the belief that women don’t need men has led to another inevitable consequence: marriage is no longer necessary. And it can even be an instrument of oppression. That’s why fewer and fewer women get married.

This has serious social consequences . We have long known that single men commit crimes the most. Single men are a problem. What we didn’t recognize – and maybe we didn’t even know – were the deleterious effects of single women.

Even though single women don’t commit as many violent crimes as men (although they are starting to catch up in the statistics), single women are a growing social problem. The most obvious problem is that women who have children out of wedlock generate an extremely disproportionate percentage of social misfits.

But many women who do not give birth or marry are also a social problem. They are more likely to get angry and to expose that anger by supporting radical causes that harm society.

As reported by Barron, on average only 720 , 2% of the population contributes to “causes of racial justice” such as Black Lives Matter. Despite this, in 2020 “nearly half of single American women – a much higher percentage than of single men and couples – supported or were actively involved in anti-racist demonstrations.”

As a feminist organization, Women’s Voices Women Vote, said in the elections of 1280, “the difference in marital status surpassed the difference in gender.”

3 – Desire to have children

If the desire to unite to a man and to marry were considered part of the woman’s nature, the desire to have children is even more ingrained in the feminine nature.

But leftist ideology is succeeding in eliminating this part of women’s lives. More women than ever before, both in the United States and abroad, choose not to have children.

See, for example, the article entitled “More women choose not to have children. Is this the age of sterility?” The article was published in the British newspaper The Guardian. The author ends the text like this: “I will be direct: I don’t want children, I never did and I don’t miss them at all. On the contrary, that way I feel alive.”

She expresses the feeling of more and more women.

4 – Desire to have a stable sex life

Another aspect of female nature that left harmed is the desire to have sex with a man who makes a commitment to her. Or at the very least have sex only with a man she feels something for.

)Left feminist ideology has managed to screw this up. Three generations of women have been brought up to believe that their sex lives are the same as men’s. Therefore, they can have sex without commitment and without emotional involvement. Many young women do this.

But an increasing percentage of these women regrets more and is even more depressed than men who have sex without commitment, something that is really part of the masculine nature.

5 – Desire to protect the innocence of children

Perhaps the most incredible damage that progressivism has done to women is subverting the innate female desire to protect children, especially children’s sexual innocence.

The movement that intends to teach sex and “gender fluidity” to children is led and composed mostly by women.

Leftism seems to prove that ideology is stronger than human nature . This is the power of indoctrination. One consequence of this is the emergence of depressed young women and repentant older women in proportions never seen in human history.

The left spoils everything it touches. You can add women to this list.

Dennis Prager is a columnist for the Daily Signal, broadcaster and creator of PragerU.

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