The boat relaunches the refreshing witbier Witória, now with pineapple – Full glass

One of the styles that best matches the Senegalese heat we are going through is witbier, known as “white beer”.

The traditional version uses wheat, orange peels, and coriander seeds. The one from Santa Catarina, called Witória, also adds a touch of lemon and pineapple. The label is a raise, but the pineapple in the formula is new. The beer was remade by the brand after two years of absence.

With 4.9% alcohol, the refreshing Witória has only 12 IBUs (a unit of bitterness that exceeds a hundred).

Despite its Belgian origin, witbier quickly fell into Brazilian taste and is one of the most widely produced styles here. Nine out of ten artisans have a wibier that belongs to them. The most popular in the world (Belgian of course) is Hoegaarden, which belongs to the Ambev group.

You can find Witória in places like Beer4U, in Vila Leopoldina (r. Brentano, 239, Vila Leopoldina, cel. 11-99489-3899), at the Rock & Burguer snack bar, inside the Galeria do Rock, in the city center (av. São João, 439, store 248, tel. 3333-6724) and on the distributor’s website, (which sells the 12 long neck box for 161.16 – value unit of R $ 13.43.

Barco is part of the Cervejaria Santa Catarina group, which also owns the Saint Bier and Coruja brands.

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