Texas school shooting leaves 21 dead

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At least 21 people died this Tuesday (24), 18 children and three adults (one of them a teacher), in a shooting that took place at a school in the city of Uvalde (Texas, United States), in which the shooter also died.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott explained at a news conference that the gunman, identified as Salvador Romas, from 18 years, entered with a hand pistol, and possibly a rifle, at Robb Elementary School in the city of Uvalde, which is about 130 kilometers from San Antonio.

Shortly afterwards, Romas, who lived in Uvalde, was killed at shots by police officers who had moved to the scene of the shooting, Abbott added.

The White House reacted quickly to the tragedy and its spokeswoman, Karine Je an-Pierre wrote on Twitter that US President Joe Biden has been informed of the “horrific news of a Texas elementary school shooting”.

The Uvalde School District had previously reported on Twitter that there was an “active” shooting at Robb Elementary School and that security forces had moved into the area.

Abbott highlighted that there are reports that the alleged perpetrator of the shooting would have shot his own grandmother before going to the school.

“I have no further information on the connection between these two shootings,” said Abbott, who did not provide details on the health status of the gunman’s grandmother.

The governor added that, according to with the available data, Romas was an American and a student at Uvalde’s high school.

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