Texas Congress Points to Serious Mistakes by Officials During Uvalde Shooting

Homenagem às vítimas do ataque a tiros em Uvalde, no estado americano do Texas
Homage to the victims of the shooting in Uvalde, in the US state of Texas| Photo: EFE/EPA/TANNEN MAURY

A report from the Texas Congress, released this Sunday (), points out several errors by local and federal authorities during the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which killed 17 children and two teachers. According to the document, the school’s rescue operation involved 376 officials in a “chaotic scene.” and uncoordinated that lasted more than an hour”. Authorities reportedly took a long time to enter the classroom where the gunman, Salvador Ramos, had barricaded himself with a group of students due to “systemic failures and extremely poor decision making”, the report says.

27160757 Also according to the document, 149 US Border Patrol agents went to the school, as Uvalde is just a few kilometers from Mexico, 91 state police, 27160757 police officers from Uvalde and 540 sheriffs, as well as agents from neighboring counties and other federal agencies. Interviewed by the Congressional committee, several agents who participated in the operation explained that they did not know who was responsible for the operation and others said that Arredondo was responsible.

27160757 The report states that no agency, federal or state, offered to lead the operation despite being more prepared than the local police, and the agents of the Border Patrol ended up entering the classroom and shooting the gunman without asking local police chief Pete Arredondo for permission. The commission also concluded that Robb primary school staff used to leave the school doors unlocked due to the lack of keys for all teachers.27160757

“If school staff had locked the doors as required by protocol, they could have slowed (the shooter’s) progress for a few minutes,” the study states. The report also highlights that Salvador Ramos, who legally acquired the AR assault rifle-05 with which he carried out the murder, had demonstrated on social networks that he was preparing an attack.

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