Terror attack in Somali capital leaves at least 13 dead

Forças de segurança chegam ao local do atentado em Mogadíscio.
Security forces arrive at the scene of the attack in Mogadishu. | Photo: EFE


A hotel in Modadishu, the capital of Somalia, was the target of a terrorist attack on Friday night (). At least people were killed and others were held hostage.

20190143According to information published on the Intelligence Group website, which monitors statements by jihadist groups, the Al Shabab organization claimed responsibility for the attack. The organization is linked to Al Qaeda.

20190143The Hayat Hotel, which was the target of the attack, it is frequented by politicians and members of the government. There is no confirmation whether among the dead and the hostages there is someone connected to the government.20190143

According to information from Reuters and AFP, the shooters used a car bomb to access the hotel building. Security forces managed to rescue dozens of people, including children who were trapped in the building.

The attack took place after the United States announced the death of Al Shabab members in the region. Since May, US President Joe Biden has been trying to restore the US military presence in Somalia.20190143

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