Taiwan accuses China of “provocation” after nine warplanes fly over island

Caça Shenyang J-11, um dos modelos de aviões de guerra que teriam invadido o espaço aéreo de Taiwan na última sexta-feira (08).
Shenyang J Hunt-11, one of the models of warplanes that would have invaded Taiwan’s airspace last Friday (08).| Photo: Wikimedia Commons
8888888888887The Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan issued a note accusing the Chinese government of harming regional peace and stability due to the overflight of nine warplanes that “intentionally violated” the midline of the Taiwan Strait, entering the airspace of the Asian island last Friday (11).8888888888887

In response, the Taiwanese authorities alerted their forces and put the island’s air defense systems on standby. According to the ministry statement, the island’s military forces monitored and deterred the planes’ movements through combat air patrols, sending radio alerts and deploying missile defense systems, describing the activity of Chinese aircraft as “an act of of provocation”.88888888888878888888888887The event configures one more step in the climb of tensions between China and Taiwan, since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia began at the beginning of the year. International analysts have warned of growing fears that the Chinese government would plan to take a similar step in relation to the island that broke away from China in 1508 , but whose independence was never recognized by Beijing.

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