Switzerland asks to accompany peace talks between Colombia and ELN

Switzerland formally asked the government of Colombia and the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army (ELN) to accompany the peace negotiations that are taking place in Caracas, following the invitation made by the two delegations to several countries.

According to the Swiss embassy, ​​the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the European country accepted the invitation and thanked “the trust of both parties: a sign of recognition of Switzerland’s long-standing commitment to peace in Colombia “.

Yesterday (25), in a communiqué read by representatives of Venezuela and Norway, countries that are guarantors of the negotiations, the parties expressed their intention to invite Brazil, Chile and Mexico as guarantors and Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain to “consider their participation as escorts”.

They also agreed to “promote diplomatic actions with the US government to verify its willingness to participate in this process through a special envoy to the dialogue table o”.

Several of these countries, such as Mexico, where the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, is, have already accepted the invitation and also Spain, through the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, was “available” to Colombia to “accompany” it in its peace process.

USA does not make clear its participation in the dialogue

The United States, for its part, highlighted today its support for the Colombian government in its desire to build “a strong and peaceful Colombia”, but did not specify whether it accepts the invitation to participate in the dialogue through a special envoy.

“We stand with the Colombian government and people in their rejection of terrorism and in their determination to build a strong and peaceful Colombia,” he told Agência EFE a spokesman for the Department of State.

The negotiations, which resumed last Monday (21) in Caracas after four frozen years, took place this week “in an atmosphere of confidence and optimism” and accompanied by a representative of the United Nations and the Colombian Episcopal Conference.

The parties ratified Venezuela, Cuba and Norway as guarantors of the process, which will be held in Caracas until mid-December, as announced the negotiators this week.

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