Sweden's prime minister to resign after losing elections to the right

The Prime Minister of Sweden, the Social Democrat Magdalena Andersson, announced this Wednesday (14) that she will present her resignation on Thursday (

15) after the confirmation of the defeat of the center-left bloc against the right-wing opposition in Sunday’s legislative elections.

Com 99, 7% of the electoral districts counted, the right-wing opposition won the elections by three seats, 176 to 173 , according to the most recent count by the Electoral Authority, which includes foreign votes and early votes sent on time, but which did not arrive on time.

The Social Democrats, the most voted party in the recent elections, managed to defend their first position and reached 30, 4% of the votes, two points more than in 2018.

In second place were the right-wing Sweden Democrats (SD), with 20, 6%, three points more than in 2018 and ahead of opposition leader Ulf Kri’s conservatives stersson, which dropped seven tenths, to 19,1%.

“Almost all the votes were counted, but the preliminary result of the election is quite clear,” Andersson said at a press conference, in which she predicted that it will be a “tough” and “complicated” legislature due to the small difference.

The Social Democrat leader also highlighted that her party obtained a “solid” electoral result that is “clearly” the largest in Sweden.

The final result puts the opposition bloc with 49,6 % of votes against 49% of the center-left and the difference between the blocks goes from one to three seats, in relation to the preliminary result released on Monday.

On Monday, just over 44,5 thousand votes separated the two blocks, which remained cautious these days while awaiting the final result, although the four subtitles of the right-wing bloc have held meetings and the Swedish media has already started to speculate about the possible distribution

In the final count, the SD was the big winner of the elections: not only was it the force that grew the most, but also took the leadership of the right-wing block from the conservatives, who had occupied it since 1979, and will have a direct influence on the formation of the government after a decade of isolation.

The Swedish media is publicizing the possibility that Conservatives and Christian Democrats form a minority Executive , led by Kristersson and supported from the outside by the other forces of the bloc.

However, the SD claimed a “central” role and intends to “be part of the government”, as its leader, Jimmie Åkesson, said. , on election night.

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