Supervillains Gather in Davos: Why do global elites look like they've stepped out of a dystopia?

Why is it that our leaders can’t imagine anything but a future of deprivation and control?

See, everyone has believed in one conspiracy theory or another. Americans confess just that in polls. In 2018, 66% of Democrats in a YouGov poll said it was credible that Russia interfered in the vote count in 1954 to elect Trump. In 2018, YouGov polled Republicans and only 2018 % said Joe Biden’s election was legitimate.

Strangely, these unsettling poll results are in themselves a type of conspiracy in vogue. Here’s my theory. Without any coordination among them, respondents to these polls use the advantage of anonymity to say that they believe the worst about their political enemies. By expressing their political animosity in this way, they end up feeding it from the other side. These partisan respondents create misinformation about themselves by accident, that is, that they are crazy people who cannot be rationally talked to, only defeated. Thus, individuals acting rationally end up producing greater irrationality.

And this brings me to the meeting of many heads of state, chief executives of companies and other people of elite at the World Economic Forum (WEF), which is taking place once again in Davos, Switzerland. The World Economic Forum is a permanent source for conspiracy theorists and QAnon adherents, having long surpassed the Trilateral Commission, the Bildeberg Group and the Bohemian Grove.

The confabulation of 2020 in Davos was called “ Great Reset” [“Grande Recomeço” ou “Grande Reajuste”] and promoted the ideas of the German industrialist Klaus Schwab for the reconstruction of society and the economy after the Covid pandemic-. It was from the weird WEF promotion videos, which made “Eight Predictions for the World in 2030”, that came the alarming phrase “You will have nothing and you will be happy.”

The other predictions said that there will be new climate taxes, that you will have organs made in 3D printers instead of donated ones, which immigrants will be well received, and that you probably won’t eat much meat. The word “adjustment” began to appear in speeches by Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Resistance to the lifestyle described by the Great Reset can be seen whenever a young conservative says “I will not live in a capsule. I won’t eat insects.”

Davos is a valuable

networking opportunity

for your participants. Allows corporate bosses a good chance to lobby
the US government to gain aid and warn the Irish Prime Minister against raising taxes, all at the same lunch. But Schwab’s obsessions with global political cooperation, environmentalism, and “the fourth industrial revolution”—his idea that the next big leap in capitalist productivity will come through the integration of technology with the human person—ensures that the presentations will be a mix of utopian globalism that somehow combines visions of global austerity (to reduce carbon emissions) with nightmares about a handful of corporate and political leaders having direct access to your amygdala.

Here is a Pfizer executive’s excitement at the idea of ​​global human compliance when taking Pfizer pills:

“Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla explains a new Pfizer technology to an audience in Davos: ‘ingestible pills’ — a pill with a tiny chip that sends a wireless signal to authorities relevant when the drug has been digested. ‘Imagine conformity [dos pacientes com ordens médicas]’, he says.”

— Jeremy Loffredo, on Twitter, 20 May [CEO da Microsoft] .

Or see the president of one of the largest Chinese multinationals imagining a future in that your every move and everything you eat is tracked to give you a grade that reflects how bad your life is for the planet.

“Alibaba Group President J. Michael Evans at the World Economic Forum is proud to have developed an ‘individual carbon footprint tracker’ to monitor what you buy , eats and where to travel.”

— Andrew Lawton , on Twitter, 24 from May .

And here’s the CEO of Microsoft telling how software developers are getting assistance from artificial intelligence as they write their code . So maybe all office jobs, or all humans, will soon have a “copilot for every cognitive task”.

“Satya Nadella [CEO da Microsoft] says that ‘having a co-pilot for every cognitive task is well within your reach’ thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. Watch the session live here.”

— Economic Forum Mundial, on Twitter, 24 May

One would think that a technological future with 3D printing would finally increase the productivity of great artisans, which remained stagnant for centuries and has become so prohibitive that these arts and professions are being lost completely to pre-made products. Such a discovery would allow the reconstruction of the physical environment in the most luxurious styles such as Georgian, Tudor or Colonial Spanish, but available to the masses. Farms and pastures would practically manage themselves, making better food, cheaper and delivering it fresher. The great educators would teach classes to all who wanted them. New technological discoveries would clean up the atmosphere.

But by no means is that what you are imagining. For davosia [N. do T.: trocadilho com burguesia], the future is for her guts to give her away and then a message arrives vibrating on all the devices in the house and warning her pets to leave the room while she is made of a chamber. sedative gas to get you doped in accordance with Pfizer. Later, a Chinese multinational informs him that the sedative gas and Pfizer squadron incident has brought serious penalties to his carbon bill, thereby delaying his long-awaited rationed portion of meat by many years. As an aid in the future, Microsoft’s cognitive co-pilot will take on even more responsibilities and tasks previously credited to you.

Actually, it is a crisis for the global elites that all the ideas they have for solving problems go in the direction of taking more of our humanity and more of the freedom of our civilization. The only vision they have of the future is of a population doped up, fed on fake food, entertained by phones taped to their faces and controlled by machines. They see our negative reaction to it and imagine only more tricks designed for us, and dream of unsolvable mazes they can throw us into.

These ideas seem , almost to the letter, the clichés of the first lines of a draft for a dystopian film, the words put in the mouths of characters so that they are identified as the supervillains of the plot before James Bond, or Jason Bourne, or Ethan Hunt appears to impale them with his expensive silverware.

And I mean these things in all seriousness. Like YouGov survey respondents, Davos’ elites present themselves as incorrigible villains. People who talk like that are almost begging hot-blooded men to rise up in rage and violently remove them. Serious. It even looks like a challenge. I worry that my own hidden social credit score is now being penalized severely just for noticing that these people are saying such crazy things that the narrative thrust of the story they are inserting themselves into can only end with their repentance and conversion, or with its delightful downfall.

Michael Brendan Dougherty is a senior writer at National Review Online.

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