Sunak suspends Truss measure and bans fracking again in the UK


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Novo premiê britânico seguiu linha de Boris Johnson, que impôs moratória sobre projetos de extração de hidrocarbonetos por fraturamento hidráulico
The new British prime minister followed the line of Boris Johnson, who imposed a moratorium on hydrocarbon extraction projects by hydraulic fracturing| Photo: EFE/EPA/Reproduction

In his first session of government control in Parliament as prime minister, Sunak assured that he will keep in this context the promises of the electoral program with which his party colleague Boris Johnson won the last general elections, in , advocating a moratorium on all fracking.

Truss, who resigned as chief last week, had lifted the veto in an attempt to reduce the UK’s dependence on foreign energy, but said drilling would only begin in areas where local residents agreed.

The vote on Truss’ energy plans was one of the last triggers for the fall of your government.

The night before the resignation, a revolt by dozens of Tory deputies who did not want the return of fracking caused chaos in the House of Commons, where some deputies accused of “harassment” the Conservatives responsible for the parliamentary measure.

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