Stupidity again: who said that right-wing voters listen to Pabllo Vittar and Anitta?

Você conhece algum eleitor de direita ou conservador que ouça Pabllo Vittar e Anitta ou que se deixe influenciar pelas opiniões políticas deles?

Do you know any right-wing or conservative voters who listen to Pabllo Vittar and Anitta or who are influenced by their political opinions?| Photo: EFE


Last week, stupidity was announced. Anitta, the one I only call a singer with the help of quotation marks, was one of the artists engaged in a curious campaign for young people under the age of 18 years to vote. The campaign has informal support even from the TSE. Behind the initiative is the idea that the smart young man does not vote for Jair Bolsonaro and, therefore, will “save democracy”.

When I saw the campaign, which even had the collaboration of the mature philanthropist Mark Ruffalo, the first thing that caught my attention was the desperation of this group that, according to the successive polls, has already won the October election. Even more having Gerald Alckmin on the ticket, isn’t it, folks? It makes no sense, therefore, to appeal like this with all this voluptuousness to the experience and maturity (not to mention knowledge) of young people under years old.

As my colleague Rodrigo Constantino had already dealt with the episode, exposing even the old love of the left for the revolutionary spirit of every self-respecting young man, I left the matter there. But there was a music festival along the way. On the way there was a music festival. And, with it, the confrontation between the progressivism of artists and audience and a president candidate for reelection who until now has not understood that everything he does will be used against him.

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But do you really not understand? Of course you understood. And here I will allow myself a brief contradiction. Because the last three years have led me to believe that Bolsonaro and his party, when trying to use the law and the TSE, which is hostile to him, to silence the empty demands of Pabllos Vittares, Anittas and the like, are betting on irrational antagonism to intensify even more the spirits of supporters and detractors, thus forcing them to make a choice between “good” and “evil”.

In other words, the use of this “civilization framework” represented by the set of laws that govern society has become a true legal barbarism in which anything goes to defeat the opponent . Including Machiavellian use of the also Machiavellian Superior Electoral Court – the one currently presided over by Edson Fachin and which in the future will be commanded by the all-powerful Alexandre de Moraes.

This is what happens when society abdicates principles and chooses to invest in a stupid feud. On one side are the artists and the audience, both undeniably progressive as well as musically deficient. For them, politics is just a means of seeking acceptance or, at best, a meaning for a life that is restricted to consuming what makes them part of a group. On the other are those who quixoticly want to “use the System to denounce the System”. And in the middle of it all is the Judiciary, fomenting confusion simply because the justice decided to choose a side in the ideological dispute. And everyone knows what it is.

The worst thing is that the demand by the Liberal Party to prevent political demonstrations by artists-with-quotes, even if it serves (very lightly) to denounce the hypocrisy of those who ask for censorship one day and complain about censorship the next, is absolutely innocuous from an electoral point of view. After all, do you know any right-wing or conservative voters who listen to Pabllo Vittar and Anitta or who are influenced by their political opinions? Do you really believe that in the audience there was someone undecided who converted to Lulism just because he saw a man in a bathing suit displaying a flag with the bearded man’s face?

Therefore, the inflexible support of the lollapaloozeiros to Lula makes no difference. Never did. It never will. However, it makes all the difference in the world if the president’s reelection candidate’s party tries to silence the “right to stupidity” of these people. After all, once again the State uses the power of coercion in an attempt to make ideas prevail that, in the sterile terrain of the music-with-quotes festival, would never bear fruit.

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