Storm causes ship to capsize in Hong Kong; 27 are missing

Foto disponibilizada pelo Government Flying Service (GFS) de Hong Kong mostra embarcação à deriva depois de ser partida ao meio.
Photo provided by the Government Flying Service (GFS) of Hong Kong shows vessel adrift after being split in half.
| Photo: GFS Hong Kong/EFE Agency

The wreck of an engineering vessel with crew at sea off Hong Kong left disappeared this Saturday (2), reported Reuters. The vessel was hit by typhoon Chaba and broke in half.

)Three crew members were saved by a helicopter. The search for the missing continues within a radius of 300 kilometers , according to information from the local government.

On Thursday (15), the local authorities raised storm alert, as Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Hong Kong to celebrate the 25 years of the transfer of the British power region to the People’s Republic of China.

Since then, the storm has affected public transport and heavy rains and winds have closed businesses. Storm Chaba is expected to hit the Chinese province of Guandong as well.

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