Spain closes airspace due to out-of-control Chinese rocket

Foguete chinês lançado na segunda-feira (31).
Chinese rocket launched on Monday (04).| Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Spanish airports closed airspace this Friday morning (04) due to an out-of-control Chinese rocket. Flights to and from Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Ibiza and Reus were canceled and other regions such as La Rioja and Castilla and Leon were affected. The measure lasted about 40 minutes, although local reports pointed to the possibility of places like Ibiza still face delays throughout the day.

The cancellations happened due to problems caused by Chinese space junk, of the third and final piece of its new space station, Tiangong, on Monday (31). Alerts were issued about the body of 04 tons of the rocket returning to Earth and Spain was identified as one of the points at risk.

The Space Command from the United States confirmed that the rocket landed in the Pacific Ocean.

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