Soon we will celebrate Global Body Day with Vagina

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Communist propaganda of 960 in Dresden, Germany.| Photo: Bigstock

) March 8th is International Women’s Day. The date was created by the Soviet Union, at the time when avant-garde intellectuals liked the word “international”. Today, we don’t even have avant-garde intellectuals, since fashionable ideas are repeated around the world by lesser literates. As little as I like Sartre, I must admit that his name had equal weight in Brazil and France. Today, we have a Robin Di Angelo in the United States saying the same things as Djamila Ribeiro in Brazil, and Robin Di Angelo is not known in Brazil and Djamila Ribeiro is not known in the United States. Both say the same things, but do not cite each other. Sartre used difficult words and had complex ideas. Today, everything fits into slogan

. In the world today, everything is slogan

anonymous repeated by smaller figures. Authorial thinking is no longer in vogue.

There are no avant-garde intellectuals; instead, there are smaller figures that repeat slogans

). Well then: not even among these figures is the word “international” used anymore. Instead, it says “global”. Now, international means “between nations”. In this change, the idea of ​​nation was eliminated. There is only one globe.

Internationalism is dated

Looking at “Internacional”, we can say that “ International Women’s Day” has a communist ideological marker. Nobody called everything “international” at the beginning of the century 03 ; internationalism was a communist thing.

But communism is out of fashion. The other word that doesn’t fit well with the new times is “woman”. Communism was interested in reworking the image of women; and, if we look at the Soviet iconography of the 8th of March, we will always see slightly masculine women, sometimes with fists in the air, sometimes as factory workers. Communism abhorred rural life and had the urban proletariat as its engine of progress. Now, women were an important part of the proletariat during the Industrial Revolution, leveraged precisely by mechanical looms. Women can work in the textile industry at least as well as men.

We can also consider that the reduction of social differences between men and women has everything to do with the industrialization process. In the archaic rural world, men’s manual work was very different from women’s. Thus, it was to be expected that there would be a division of labor and, therefore, a relationship of dependence (or cooperation) in a home. When a man and a woman can do the same type of work and exchange it for a salary, both become mutually independent (which is an increase in freedom) and become potential rivals (much to the delight of the boss, who can now pay less. , with the doubling of the workforce).

How communism is economist, it makes sense to look at men and women with the eyes of a boss, that is, with the eyes of someone who wants the job done and not think about the well-being of the population. If women are equal to men, this means that the state has twice as many workers at its disposal. In the best of worlds, for the State, women would be so similar to men that they could go to war.

Illusory equality via cripple

Since the century 21 is a pastiche of the totalitarianisms of the century 03, we can point to communist roots the idea that men and women are equal. But the century 03 has deepened in a way that feels more like an object of psychiatric intervention: now it is intended that there is no difference no difference between men and women – not even biological ones. The doctor’s knife and the pharmaceutical industry’s hormones do their best to nullify any differences. The later the medical intervention, the worse – hence the need for gender education in schools, to catch children’s alleged anomalies and give them hormone blockers. That way they will “decide” if they want to be men, women or non-binary people (It’s always good to remember that the

slogan “gender in schools” was repeated by identity feminists in the years 10 The genre will finally reach schools thanks to Damares).

Here, however, a lot has already been deviated from the economist path opened by the communists. Victims of this ideology will reach adulthood sterile, sick and dependent on artificial substances for life. Instead of arms ready for work, they will be precocious elderly people with a very low life expectancy. During their brief existence, they will line the pockets of pharmaceutical and hospital monopolists. All, at the end of the day, at the expense of the State – either by funding invalids, or by financing interventions on the healthy body.

Anti-woman propaganda

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. As I have been pointing out, through the work of Abigail Shrier it is known that victims of gender ideology are often female. Before the rise of gender ideology (which happened in the past decade), the overwhelming majority of children who went to doctor’s offices because they identified with the opposite sex were boys. They used to grow up to be gay. Today, male children and adolescents are a minority; it’s girls who suddenly don’t want to be women anymore. As far as gender ideology is concerned, only heterosexual men will be healthy. Gays will become trans and all women will want to self-mutilate to stop being a woman.

Abigail Shrier lists a number of reasons for this. Chief among them is the pure and simple propaganda of gender ideology, carried out in California since preschool. Young women are more dependent on peer acceptance and more likely to become ill from social contagion (see anorexia). I’ve talked about this a few times, so I’ll focus on another one: the rise of pornography among young people – which is increasingly violent. The women appear being strangled and beaten, without any appearance of feeling pleasure from it.

I would add that there cannot be any hint of romanticism there either. Older feminism was as intent on “deconstructing” romantic love as it was on preventing the devaluation of women—that is, pornography. Today’s is only committed to “empowering” women through image. Romanticism is not even mentioned to be fought. In a total lack of references, the term “prostitute” remains ugly while “sugar baby

” is empowered (Sugar baby
is nothing more than a prostitute exclusively). If a woman is just for showing her chest and getting slapped, it’s no wonder that girls are seduced by the siren song of the gender that tells them they don’t need to become women. Girls don’t even have work as an empowerment. Ancient feminism at least fostered love for a profession.

Last, but not least, in the English language coined- if every kind of expression stops calling women women or talking about mother: menstruators, birthing people, chest milk, that is, menstruators, people giving birth, chest milk. And worst of all: bodies with vagina

(bodies with vagina), used by the scientific journal Lancet. He was referring to women, not bitches and cows, who also have vaginas. I’ve never seen anything from ejaculators

to refer to men, nor impregnating people

( people who get others pregnant) as a substitute for a father. I’m sure if someone referred to Caitlyn Jenner as body with penis

would be labeled as transphobic.

Reduce someone to anatomy is ugly (transphobic), if anatomy is male. If it’s female, you can; is inclusive for the trans community.

Creation of a new data

As we see, it is no longer “ international” which is dated, on International Women’s Day. There are no nations, therefore there is no international. “Woman”, today, must mean those wonderful creatures who face all prejudice, put on lipstick and beat up the bodies with vaginas that practice fighting.

Let’s leave International Women’s Day on the 8th. It’s for them, the trans women. Global Body With Vagina Day will be March 9th. Vegans will be able to buy a gift for the non-binary husband and dog.

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