Socially Deprived Don Juan Brings Zeitgeist From Debauchery To The Real World

O interesse pelo combo pornografia + luta de classes no caso do mendigo conquistador ressalta a devassidão real que sustenta a devassidão das ideias.

The interest in the combo pornography + class struggle in the case of the beggar conqueror highlights the real debauchery that sustains the debauchery of ideas.| Photo: Reproduction

)25130835 25130835 There are many immoral aspects of the story that, no pun intended, seduced Brazil this week: that of the beggar caught in a lewd act with a woman middle class in a car. To make matters worse, the one who surprised the two lovers was the husband who, in the old-fashioned way, slapped the socially deprived Don Juan. As it usually happens in the times of Big Brother, everything was properly filmed and exposed on social networks.

The dog world, I think I’ve said it here, doesn’t interest me. When I find myself obliged, by professional duty, to pay a little attention to him, I try to keep an intellectual, moral and olfactory safe distance. The dog world, for me, is like that sad-eyed caramel mutt that you caress only in imagination, afraid of catching fleas, scabies or, even worse, rabies.

25130835My colleague Madeleine Lacsko has already explored the absolutely reprehensible aspects of journalistic exploitation of the case. On the one hand, it is a desperate attempt to gain the widely dispersed attention of social network users. On the other hand, it is the irresistible temptation of the pornography + class struggle combo that stirs the imagination of a public accustomed to consuming the noodles-with-vina of the news.

25130835In a week marked by the pornographic violence of the war, by the minister of the STF shamelessly betraying legal principles and by Geraldo Alckmin exposing the impudence of his ambition and the indecency of its political opportunism, the case of the beggar conqueror caught my attention for bringing the discussion of this Zeitgeist of debauchery into the very real world. (There’s a lot of echo in that sentence, right? I’m going to pretend it’s intentional and say it’s style).

Adultery involving two people from different social classes even helped to stir up delicious and innocuous prejudices that legal trickery tries to eliminate through the pen. The very word “beggar”, forced to beg for alms to appear in the texts of a few politically incorrect chroniclers, returned to the mouths of the people in all its glory, bequeathing to the limbo of official letters, memoranda, opinions and ordinances the detestable “homeless man”. ” or “homeless person”.

From immorality itself there is also some useful lesson to be learned from a generation accustomed to amorality or, at best, to relativism. That was precisely what Nelson Rodrigues did with his stories and plays. Maybe it’s autumn optimism (I’m one of those), but I welcome the fact that adultery is being seen for the ridiculousness it is. A ridicule that causes suffering and that should never be seen as “normal” or an addiction “inherent in human nature”.

That is, despite the character’s decades of romanticization, Don Juan is anything but admirable. He is a moral beggar who can even be clever and very efficient in his efforts at seduction. But the ultimate goal of a Don Juan is the satisfaction of a fleeting pleasure that does not compensate for the suffering caused. He will say that “it was for love” or “it was for the common good” or even that “it was in defense of democracy”. But only those who are willing to be seduced by easy and sweet explanations believe it.

Nelson Rodrigues knew very well that the small debauchery of casual sex in a car and with a beggar is what explains and unconsciously sustains the greater debauchery, the debauchery of ideas, the debauchery of common political – and legal, betrayals, now it is worth adding. Because deep down the two debaucheries have a common origin: the desire to quickly satisfy desires that a quick consultation with common sense would be able to repress.

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