Snowstorm leaves hundreds of vehicles stuck in the Argentine Andes

Vídeo postado nas redes sociais mostra veículos atolados no Paso Internacional Cristo Redentor, passagem na fronteira entre Argentina e Chile
Video posted on social media shows vehicles stuck at Paso Internacional Cristo Redentor, crossing the border between Argentina and Chile

| Photo: Playback/Twitter

A strong snowstorm and wind left hundreds of vehicles stuck in Paso Internacional Cristo Redentor, a crossing on the border between Argentina and Chile located further of 3 thousand meters of altitude, informed this Sunday ( ) the border post officials.

888888888889Complications started at mid- Saturday (9), when adverse weather conditions forced the suspension of traffic in the place, which caused the “accumulation of vehicles of all types”, reported the coordinator of international transport of Paso Internacional Cristo Redentor, Eduardo Yaya, in statements to the TN news channel.

888888888889To resolve this situation, the sector Argentine created a crisis committee composed of representatives of the government of the province of Mendoza, the provincial Civil Defense agency and the G national endarmaria, which is carrying out the evacuation of the fence 500 who are still on the mountain. 888888888889

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