Shhhh, Marcos Valério will speak (but will anyone listen?)

The Public Security Committee of the Chamber approved the invitation for Marcos Valério – that is, that bald man from Mensalão – to speak to the deputies about the supposed, very supposed, very supposed relationship between the always unpolluted Workers Party and the PCC – faction criminal for which it is not appropriate to use an ironic adjective. I’ll get back to the subject, but, even to prove my point, let me first write something that no one will hear. Or, in this case, to read.

(Souls in shreds form another privileged group that has lost its place of speech. So noisy and omnipresent are the mimimis and the discourses of identity victimism that the appreciation for true suffering today it practically doesn’t exist. The world has been smeared all over in the honey of false suffering, in such a way that it has lost the ability to feel the candor of real suffering. Interestingly, only those who believe they don’t need to hear to know what that will be said).

But you really want to know about Marcos Valério. I know. We all know. I have to admit that this is a more interesting figure than it looks. Valerius is not just someone who, in a past that seems remote, became involved in corruption. In theory he is a loose man, but in practice forever bound by the ethical concessions he has made to become… What has Marcos Valerius become? Do you happen to have the peace of someone who has paid his debt to society today? And one more question, if I may, the president of the Commission: Mr. Marcos Valério, was it worth it?

(Before continuing talking about what you want to read, however, allow me this paragraph talking about the sadness that is swallowed dry, that has neither the strength to transform itself into poetry nor the talent to become music – let alone chronic! A suffering that does not find acceptance in ears that assimilate only indignation and desires for revenge. , especially to those who tend to read everything amid a vision blurred by cynicism, in these interspersed paragraphs I am not referring to Marcos Valério’s suffering. money changers, advertising agencies and banks).

In saying what he says, when he speaks and to whom he speaks, Marcos Valério is using the same tactics as Russian opponent Alexei Navalny, who believed that media exposure would keep him free – and mainly living entity. It didn’t work out very well for the Russian, but I hope it works for Marcos Valério. Even because I believe, or at least I try to believe, that there is redemption at the end of this tunnel. Marcos Valério, poor fellow, has to cling to this hope which, in this case, is mine and has no rational basis. Any other, including really being heard and, from your words, seeing something similar to justice emerge, is unlikely.

(Oh, I wish sadness could, like money dirty from the Mensalão, to be washed and come out the other side in the form of the divine melancholy that, throughout history, has given rise to so many masterpieces. It is a melancholy that I idealize, I recognize, but let me go. Just for today. And , moreover, it is unlikely that you are reading this. Mimimi mimi mi mimimimi – this must be how this lyrical self sounds to your eyes tired of electoral polls and anxious for a word capable of convincing all Brazilians that the left is Allow me, however, one last reflection: what if we were united in sadness more than in defeat?

Next Thursday (14), whoever follows Valério’s testimony to the deputies (if he and you will) will hear what you want. And he won’t hear what he wants either. Nouns, verbs, adverbs will sound like Truth to some and a lie to others. All those who already believe will believe; even more suspicious will be those who are already suspicious of everything. And, in the end, everyone will leave with that pleasant impression that they were always right. Certainties will be cemented.

(But if by any chance you are worried, don’t be. Sadness always passes. Or at least recognizes itself contaminated by mimimi, shrugs its shoulders and, after a while , you can go out on the avenue singing some little march. There is easy and cheap euphoria on every street corner and streaming channel (actually the series “Euphoria” is only available on HBO Max, but, oh, you get the idea). more, never forget: sadness is nothing more than the inability to recognize the good designs of God).

In the coming days, I foresee the expressions “silver bullet” and “the mountain gave birth to a mouse” in the less inspired texts. Marcos Valério will be a hero one moment, a villain the next. Credible one day, the king of lies another. The supreme courage here, the supreme coward there. Although the position of supreme coward is already occupied by a hendecavirate (you’ll have to research this one). And life, I dare say, will continue practically unchanged, except for that little extra grain of invisible sadness that unites us and to which we react with a contempt that should be reserved only for the mimimis of everyday subliterature.

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