Shares of pistol makers rose 18%. A record 20 million pistols were sold in the United States last year Shares of pistol makers rose 18%. A record 20 million pistols were sold in the United States last year

Gujarati NewsBusinessPistol manufacturer shares increased by 18%. A record 20 million pistols were sold in the United States last year

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The US stock market witnessed a special event on Wednesday. Stock prices of pistol makers rose 18%. That day, supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the US Parliament complex. Five people have been killed in the violence in Washington DC.

The Smith & Wesson and Strum Rugger brands are the major gun manufacturers in the United States. Vista manufactures outdoor pistol bullets. All three companies are listed on the US Stock Exchange. Smith & Wesson shares were up 18%, Vista Outdoor 15% and Strum Ruger 12%. Shares of Vista were up 50%, Smith 37% and Strum Rugby 28% in one month.

7 facts about American gun culture

1.21 million pistols sold in 2020
Sales of pistols in the United States hit record levels last year. A total of 21 million pistols, including handguns and rifles, were sold. That’s 60% more than in 2019. Earlier in 2016, a record 16 million pistols were sold.

2.120 guns for 100 people
America ranks first in the world in terms of the average number of pistols per capita. Where every 100 people have 120.5 guns. This second largest country is twice as efficient as Yemen.

3. In 2020 84 lakh people bought guns for the first time
In 2020, for the first time in America, the number of gun buyers increased by 40%. 84 lakh people bought pistols for the first time. This is one of the main reasons for the record sales of pistols.

4. Most blacks among the first buyers of pistols
The people who bought pistols for the first time in 2020 are mostly black and female. Pistols sold more in areas where there were more attacks against blacks.

Indeed, on May 25, 2020, Minneapolis police arrested black George Floyd for fraud. Meanwhile, Constable Derek Shaw held his neck near his knees for approximately 9 minutes. In which George died. Violent protests erupted in the United States after a video of police repression was broadcast.

5. The violence escalated Walmart removed guns from the store
Due to the growing demand for pistols last year, the situation was such that many stores were running out of stocks of pistols and ammunition. Walmart withdrew the guns from its store for days after the violence escalated. The company also said it will not sell used pistols, which are used by soldiers.

6. The 2016 record was broken in September
According to Jörgen Brauer, chief economist at Small Arms Analytics, a company that monitors the U.S. firearms market, more than a dozen pistols were sold in August of last year. The 2016 record was broken in September.

7. Increase in sales in the year of the presidential election
There has been a trend in America. Sales of pistols skyrocket in the presidential elections. Even more so when the Democratic candidate has a better chance of winning. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was set to win in 2016. This year has also seen record sales of pistols.

Former Democratic President Barack Obama is also referred to as an “arms seller”. Because at the time of his election, the National Rifle Association had given the party 3 30 million in funds.

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