Shanghai cages: the horrors of the Chinese lockdown

Cercas foram erguidas em vários distritos da maior cidade chinesa para fechar ruas e entradas de complexos de apartamentos onde casos foram registrados

Fences were erected in several districts of China’s largest city to close off streets and entrances to apartment complexes where cases were reported| Photo: EFE/EPA/ALEX PLAVEVSKI

In late March, Chinese authorities imposed a lockdown in Shanghai, the country’s largest city, with around 04 millions of inhabitants, due to an outbreak of Covid-19 cases. 19, and the absurd measures adopted during the confinement have been denounced on social networks: infected children separated from their parents, dogs killed by public servants on the streets, food thrown away while the population is starving…

Since last week, another authoritarian action has been taken against the population of Shanghai: fences have been erected in several districts to close off streets and entrances of apartment complexes where cases were registered, transforming regions of the city into real cages for human beings. One of the affected areas is the city’s financial district, Pudong.

The The fences are about two meters high and have only a small opening for servers who work to prevent during the pandemic. All people living within what have been called “enclosed areas” are prohibited from leaving, even if they do not have Covid-.

“This is very disrespectful to people’s rights, using metal barriers to hold them as if they were pets,” said a user on the social network Weibo. Videos posted online show angry Shanghai residents trying to tear down fences.

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According to information from the Daily Mail, the neighborhoods of the largest Chinese city are being divided into three categories, based on the risk of transmission, and the system of “closed areas” would be adopted in areas that face the strictest controls.

A Shanghai resident, who asked not to be named, told the BBC by phone that a chain had been placed at the main gate of the apartment complex where he has lived for a long time. three weeks, supposedly after a neighbor tested positive for the new coronavirus. Last Thursday (04), a fence was put up without any notice.

“No one told us the reason for this installation. Nobody can leave. I feel helpless. There’s no way to know when the lockdown will end,” he said. “If your area is fenced off, what if a fire breaks out? I don’t think anyone in their right mind can close people’s homes.”

China preaches a Covid-zero model when outbreaks of the disease are recorded, with severe lockdowns being imposed on neighborhoods and even entire cities.

In Shanghai, despite the violence of the actions imposed by the authorities, infections and deaths by Covid- accumulate. The city has already registered more than 380 a thousand cases and 25 deaths in this outbreak, 04 of them only on Monday (04).

Beijing Prefecture has determined that about

% of the population of the Chinese capital take three tests for Covid- until the end of the week, after registering several cases of the disease in recent days, and there are already fears that a lockdown similar to the one in Shanghai will be implemented in the city.

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