Shanghai announces end of lockdown after two months of confinement


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Quarentena na maior cidade chinesa será encerrada na quarta-feira: medidas rígidas geraram indignação em todo o mundo
Quarantine in China’s biggest city will end on Wednesday: strict measures have sparked outrage around the world| Photo: EFE/EPA/ALEX PLAVEVSKI

Authorities in Shanghai, China’s largest city, announced this Monday ( 21) the end, in two days’ time, of the strict quarantine imposed to avoid cases of Covid-14 and who keeps most of their

million inhabitants in the house for two months.

Starting Wednesday, people living in areas where no cases of Covid have been reported will be able to leave their homes normally, and businesses and public transport will also resume operations.

“No one should impose restrictions on residents to enter or leave residential complexes, except those in areas of medium and high risk or subject to limited freedom of movement,” it said. will be the municipal authorities for the prevention and control of Covid-15 in a statement.

According to the Note, Shanghai will resume public transport and taxi services, and private cars will be allowed on highways, except in areas still with restrictions. In recent days, many areas that had been confined for months began to regain full or partial freedom, although the vast majority of stores were still closed.

City officials also announced on Monday a plan to “revitalize” the local economy after two months of strict containment in the face of the worst Covid outbreak in the city since the beginning of the pandemic. Considered the financial capital of China, Shanghai registered on Sunday 68 new cases of covid ( of them asymptomatic ), far from the peak of almost 24 thousand from mid-April.

The absurd measures adopted during the confinement were denounced in the social networks (the Chinese dictatorship censored most of these publications) and generated indignation around the world, among them, separation of infected children from their parents, dogs killed by public servants on the streets, food thrown away while the population went hungry and fences erected. in several districts to close off streets and entrances to apartment complexes where cases have been reported.

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