Sex transition clinic for children to close in UK

The UK public health service Tavistock & Portman clinic and the only one authorized to perform sex transition treatments will be closed in 2023. The decision was made after a lawsuit filed against the clinic by Keira Bell, a woman who regretted having had surgery and taking hormones during her teenage years.

“The more the transition progressed, the more I realized that I was not a man, and never would be”, said Keira Bell, eight years after starting treatment, as published by the National Review. As I matured, I realized that gender dysphoria was a symptom of my sadness in general, not the cause,” he added.

Bell started the sexual transition at 16 years old, after going through three medical consultations and receiving the diagnosis that she now disputes.

“I insisted on saying that I wanted to transition. It was the typical adolescent type of thing. The fact is that I was a girl insecure with my body, who was abandoned by her parents, who felt alienated from her friends, who suffered from anxiety and depression and who had difficulties with sexual orientation.”

Em 2020, Bell sued the British public health system (NHS) alleging that the medical staff who treated her should have questioned her decision, as a teenager, to transition from female to male. sculino.

Her lawyers argue that minors are not able to consent to their own treatment with hormone blockers, which restrict hormones linked to changes in the body during puberty, such as menstruation or appearance of facial hair, or for gender transition.

The public clinic specializing in child sexual transition stated, at the time, that it “maintains a cautious approach in the treatment of children to adolescents”.

In the announcement of the closure of services for children and adolescents, Tavistock & Portman informed that treatments already started will not be interrupted.

Other regional centers will open in the UK for do this type of work, starting next year. The change happens because, according to independent medical reviews, the clinic needed to be renovated.

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