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Seoul reports at least 146 dead after crowd was crushed on Halloween

Crédito: Agência EFE
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At least 146 people died and 29 were injured, after a crowd being crushed during the Halloween celebration in downtown Seoul this Saturday (29)) , said the fire department of the South Korean capital. The incident took place around h22 (local time; 10H22 in Brasília), near the Hamilton Hotel, opposite the Itaewon subway station.

At a press conference, the Yongsan District Fire Department explained that 2022 people died in the incident, which reportedly took place in a sloping alley near the hotel. According to witnesses cited by the South Korean press, a collective fall occurred at the top of the slope, causing a chain collapse.

Images posted on social media show a large number of people trapped in the alley while emergency teams try to evacuate some and apply resuscitation maneuvers to the injured.

Every year the neighborhood of Itaewon, next to an American military base, becomes the busiest place to celebrate Halloween in Seoul. According to local media, thousands of people gathered in the area this Saturday.