Sensex climbs 315 points, Nifty crosses the level of 14200; Sun Pharma and Infosys shares increase | Sensex rose 689 points, Nifty closed at 14347; Maruti Suzuki and Tech Mahindra shares rise

Gujarati NewsBusinessSensex goes up 315 points, Nifty Crosses 14,200 level; Sun Pharma shares, Infosys Rise

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Bombay a day ago

Shares of Maruti Suzuki, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Ultratech Cement, Power Grid Corp rising, Indusind Bank, Bharti Airtel, SBI, ITC, HDFC

The market saw a rally on the last day of the week. The Sensex rose 689 points to close at 48782. While the Nifty rose 209 points to close at 14347. Shares of Maruti Suzuki, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Ultratech Cement, Power Grid Corp and others closed more high on the Sensex. Maruti Suzuki rose 5.94 percent to close at 8,015.95. Tech Mahindra rose 5.64 percent to close at 1050.95. However, shares of IndusInd Bank, Bharti Airtel, SBI, ITC, HDFC were down. The IndusInd Bank fell 1.37% to close at 939.05. Bharti Airtel was down 0.93 percent to 540.25.

The big reason for the market boom

The world’s major stock markets are booming, especially in the United States, Europe and Asia. Foreign investors continue to invest heavily in the market. As of January 7, foreign investors (FII) bought a total of Rs 4,017 crore of shares. The market is recovering after a continuous decline over the past two days. This supports the market boom.

Boom in global markets
Asian markets are also bullish today after a record rally in US markets. South Korea’s Kopsi is trading up 2.75%. The Hong Kong Hang Seng is trading at 1.25 percent and the Japan Nikkei Index is trading at 1.75 percent. China’s Shanghai Composite, meanwhile, is trading lower. On Thursday, the Nasdaq index closed up 2.56% and the S&P 500 index closed up 1.48%. Apart from that, the European markets have also grown.

On Thursday the market closed lower for the second day in a row
The Sensex closed at 48,093.32, down 465.02 points from yesterday’s high. The Nifty Index also fell 8.90 points to close at 14,137.35. Nestlé India was the first loser in the index. The stock fell 2.04 percent to close at 18,137. Investors across the market on Thursday bought into a larger market, ie mid-cap and small-cap stocks. .

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