Scandal Mamãe Falei: the triumph of the will and the bankruptcy of friendship

Confesso, um tanto quanto acabrunhado, que é tentador ceder aqui às palavras fáceis seguidas por pontos de exclamação. Inadmissível! Absurdo! Inaceitável!

I confess, a bit overwhelmed, that it is tempting to give in to the words easy followed by exclamation marks. Inadmissible! Absurd! Unacceptable!| Photo: Playback/Twitter.

Friday, end of day. I interrupt the reading of Gustavo Corção’s “The Discovery of the Other” to order a pizza. When I pick up my phone, I see an invitation to hell flash on the screen: I have notifications on WhatsApp. I give up hope, enter the application and there I discover the topic of my Monday column.

“I was so disgusted that I couldn’t hear everything”, tells me the one who sent me the audios in which state deputy Arthur do Val, better known as Mamãe Falei, says that Ukrainian women are easy because they are poor and expresses his desire to win over beauties among the refugees from that country at war against invading Russia.

But look how things are. First, journalists are really strange creatures and are always looking for an unusual angle for the news. If that journalist has to write chronicles, so much the worse. Because the chronicler’s nightmare is to fall into the ocean of the common gaze. Or, in this case, in the quagmire of common indignation. At the same time, the journalist/chronicler knows that, in those cases where the revolt is unanimous, proposing anything other than the obvious is a risk.

I confess, a bit overwhelmed, that it is tempting to give in here to easy words followed by exclamation points. Inadmissible! Absurd! Unacceptable! But I’m also a little overwhelmed, I confess that, if it’s just to serve as a sounding board for common sense, it’s not even worth writing. Furthermore, I have for myself that the indignation (the real one; not the one made to be displayed on social networks) is decomposing as the insults, disguised as arguments, are repeated.

20220305015503Prime of the will

That’s why I want to propose to readers today the two reflections I made over the weekend. The first one has to do with the primacy of will over intelligence and was inspired by the book I mentioned in the first paragraph and whose reading I just don’t recommend with more emphasis because I don’t want to sound like that boring 7th grade teacher. series.

To begin, however, it is necessary to establish some assumptions . The first is that Arthur of Val was an execrable figure even before Motherfaleigate. So, everything he did before the audios is, yes, being used against him right now. Another obvious premise, but one that is necessary here: what Arthur do Val said in the leaked audios is immoral because it stopped being a idle talk in a group of friends to become public opinion. Worse still: public opinion of someone who, taken by psychotic antibolsonarism, has lived for at least three years by deriding the public opinion of others.

Having established the presuppositions, let’s go to the quote of the excerpt from “The Discovery of the Other”. When exploring (over the years 1940!) the addiction to being right, Corção speaks of the omnipresence of opinion. Which, for him, is the way that the will found to subjugate the intelligence. “Opinion is the attitude that the subject takes towards the object without the object mattering”, he writes, and then he associates opinion with indignation. “We can then locate the tip of the root, the nerve fibril where the principle of an opinion resides. Eliminated the other parts of our interior, on the one that is more irritable, more injured, the one that lives bumping into the uncomfortable limitation of objects: the will”.

For Corção, the will (in this case, “will” is understood as the abrupt need to satisfy the most petty desires) is nothing else than the submission of intelligence to the senses. Hence why, in the specific case of the audios of the immoral deputy, indignation precedes intelligent analysis. Bristling, the senses overflow and need some outlet. That’s what social media is for. And, no wonder, that’s why the famous Nazi documentary is called “The Triumph of the Will”.

A friend is something to keep…

The other reflection I made over the weekend concerns friendships. After all, what kind of crazy world is this in which a “friend”, through the exposure of private audios, destroys someone else’s life and leaves it at that? Does the “friend” sleep the sleep of the righteous because he believes that betrayal, in this case, did humanity good? Is the objective of eliminating (the verb is important) Arthur do Val from public life more noble than the loyalty on which relationships between friends are based?

You can call me an idiot, in the Dostoevskian sense of the term, but for me friendship has something sacred about it. A real friend is a brother and, here and there, he is also a guardian angel. It would have been much more dignified if this anonymous Judas had tried to make Arthur do Val realize the error not only of his words, but above all of his mentality. As much as there was no amendment to the speech. As much as the betrayed himself was, in the words of Phaedo, one of those “fallen and impure souls has the opinion for food and not the truth”.

Because I thought this text by the sea, I wondered what the traitor had done when he realized the consequences of his betrayal, that is, the destruction of someone (execrable, reprehensible, abominable, vile, etc.) supposedly privileged. Does he see himself as a hero? Is he aware of the Machiavellianism of his attitude? Does he realize that his betrayal makes him as execrable, reprehensible, abominable, and vile as someone who has turned life into a battleground and who goes by the ridiculous moniker of Mom I Said?

I doubt. After all, the most likely thing is that the jaguar’s friend also has a void inside to be filled by this daily tyranny called will, in which not only intelligence lies disconsolate, but also the very love that allows us to teach what we have learned. with our mistakes.

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