Saudi Vellakka Movie OTT release date: When and where to watch intense social drama directed by Tharun Moorthy of Operation Java fame

On December 26, 2021, the film’s director, Tharun Moorthy, made the announcement by posting the film’s first look poster to his Instagram account. This was the day that the film was officially revealed. In addition to those two well-known actors, the first look poster also included the likes of Dileep and Asif Ali.

On February 3, 2022, the second look poster for the film was made available for purchase. Saudi Vellakka is a popular artist who uses humour and music in his performances. Tharun Moorthy, who directed the movie, is also the author of the screenplay for the movie, which he wrote.

Saudi Vellakka Movie OTT Release Date

Saudi Vellakka is all set to hit the OTT space on January 06, 2023, on Sony Liv OTT platform. Tharun Moorthy, of Operation Java movie fame directed Saudi Vellakka, which was released in Malayalam on December 02, 2022. Tharun Moorthy is one of the most praised director from Malayalam after the release of ‘Operation Java’ in theatres. Malayalam movie lovers were very excited about ‘Saudi Vellakka’ as this movie is second directorial venture of Tharun Moorthy.

When and Where to Watch Saudi Vellakka Movie

Saudi Vellakka was released on December 02, 2022, and within no time, Saudi Vellakka makers announced the OTT release date too. Saudi Vellakka movie will be available for streaming on OTT from January 06, 2023, on Sony Liv OTT platform.

During the 53rd edition of the International Film Festival of India, Saudi Vellakka received a nomination from India for the ICFT-Unesco Gandhi Medal (IFFI). The movie was supposed to be out on May 20th, 2022, however its debut was pushed back indefinitely for reasons that are still unclear. It has now been verified that the picture will be released in theatres on December 2, 2022, and it will be launched in theatres successfully and without any problems.

Saudi Vellakka Movie OTT release date


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What’s the story of Saudi Vellakka

Abhilash Sasidharan, played by Lukman Avaran, is served with a summons to appear in court as the victim in a case that occurred approximately 14 years ago, when he was just a boy. The incident in question took place in his neighbourhood. On the opposing side of the argument is an elderly woman named Ayesha Rawther, portrayed by Devi Varma, who in a sudden lapse of reason was responsible for a furious act. Her rage had been fueled in part by the events that were occurring in her own personal life at the moment, and she immediately felt sorrow for her actions. However, there is no possibility of reaching a settlement because of the hostility that exists between the neighbours, which also serves as the context for the case.

Cast & Crew of Saudi Vellakka

Devi Varma, Lukman Avaran, Binu Pappu, and Sujith Shankar play the lead roles in the film Saudi Vellakka. Other notable actors who appear in the film include Vincy Aloshious, Sminu Sijo, Srindaa, Nilja K. Baby, Riah Sarah, Dhanya Ananya, Sajeed Pattalam, Vaibhav Gohil, Remya Suresh, Sidhartha Siva, Go

Tharun Moorthy is the man behind the writing and directing of the movie Saudi Vellakka. Sandip Senan is the one responsible for producing this film. Palee Francis is responsible for composing the film’s score, and Sharan Velayudhan was the cinematographer for this project. Nishadh Yusuf is in charge of the film’s editing work at the moment.

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Tharun Moorthy, who made his acting debut with the play Operation Java, which built a captivating drama around the concerns of cyber crime and joblessness, now again relies on an issue to drive his tale. However, the issue does not stand out in the same way as it did in his debut. Instead, the purpose of the attempt is to express the feelings of the individuals who are going through this, and he is successful in this endeavour to a significant degree. He also goes for a sharp change in tone, which results in the creation of a mood piece that lacks dazzling aspects and most of the humour.

Moorthy’s plans for the movie will likely be heavily reliant on the characters that he develops for them. Ayesha, out of all of them, is the one who winds up becoming the film’s soul. She goes from being a defenceless lady who has no idea what she has landed in to becoming someone who learns to swim with the tide and stands as a silent witness to the gradual turning of the wheels of justice. It appears as though she is hoping that the wheels will run over her so that the situation will end quickly. The performance of newcomer Devi Varma is elevated to the level of outstanding thanks in large part to the dubbing provided by Pauly Wilson. Sujith Shankar, who plays the role of her emotionally vulnerable son Sathar, comes close to matching her.

Witnesses who are no longer alive or who are bedridden become embodiments of the ravages of time and the pointlessness of deep-seated animosities over insignificant matters. We are also left with people that have matured throughout the course of the story (and at times exude too much goodwill), but the script, mercifully, does not stray into the region of being overly upbeat and positive.

In the end, Saudi Vellakka is an emotionally powerful film that earnestly makes a case for a justice system that is more responsive.


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