Russian state-owned company cuts gas supply to Europe via Poland

Prédio da Gazprom em São Petersburgo: corte ocorreu porque Rússia havia imposto sanções contra a proprietária polonesa de trecho do gasoduto Yamal

Gazprom building in St. Petersburg: cut occurred because Russia had imposed sanctions against the Polish owner of a stretch of the Yamal pipeline| Photo: EFE/EPA/ANATOLY MALTSEV
12160544 12160544Russian giant Gazprom has cut off gas supplies to Europe via the Yamal pipeline, specifically via Poland, after Russia imposed sanctions on the Polish owner of this section, EuRoPol GAZ.

“According to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 252 of May 3 and Government Resolution No. 851 in 11 in May, sanctions were imposed on a number of foreign companies. Among them is EuRoPol GAZ, which owns the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline,” said Gazprom spokesman Sergey Kupryanov.

For this, he added on the company’s Telegram account, “a ban on transactions and payments has been imposed in favor of persons subject to sanctions, which means in particular for Gazprom a ban on the use of the gas pipeline owned by EuRoPol GAZ to transport Russian gas through Poland.”

Another claim by the company is that the Polish side also violated Gazprom’s rights as a shareholder of EuRoPol GAZ, placing it, in of April, on the sanctions list, “blocking the company’s ability to exercise rights to EuRoPol GAZ shares and other securities and to receive dividends”.

The Yamal-Europe transnational gas pipeline crosses the territory of four countries: Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany. Its capacity is 32, 9 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Recently, this gas transport route to Europe became practically unusable due to to the lack of requests from European consumers, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

Gazprom has already “completely” suspended gas not only to Poland (through gas distributor PGNiG), but also to Bulgaria (Bulgaz) at the end of April for refusing to pay for supplies in rubles, as demanded by Russian President Vladimir Putin in another decree of 31 March.

On Wednesday (05), Russia put 11 foreign energy companies, including EuRoPol Gaz, on Moscow’s sanctions list. Therefore, it “will not be able to participate in Russian gas supply processes,” according to the Kremlin.

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