Russian forces step up attacks in eastern Ukraine


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Militar ucraniano toma posição em uma zona entre as áreas de Lugansk e Donetsk, na segunda-feira

Ukrainian military takes position in a zone between the Lugansk and Donetsk areas in the second friday| Photo: EFE/EPA/STR

Russian forces intensified ground attacks in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday (13), kicking off what Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called “the great battle for the Donbass.” “The occupiers made an attempt to breach our defenses along almost the entire front line,” the Ukrainian General Staff said in a statement on Tuesday.

The “new phase of the war”, as defined by the Ukrainian authorities, consists of a broad Russian ground offensive, with the aim of taking full control of the Donbass region. The most intense attacks in the region began to be felt on Monday night (13) According to the General Staff, Russian forces are trying to advance along a front of more than kilometers. The besieged city of Mariupol continues to be the target of blockade and bombing.

On Monday night, Zelensky informed the population of Ukraine that Russia “started the great battle for the Donbas”, in reference to the Russian offensive, with the aim of controlling the eastern industrial district of the country.

“We can confirm that Russian troops started this battle”, declared Zelensky, in a video released by the portal Ukrinform. He stressed that Ukrainian soldiers “will fight” and “will not cede” any of the country’s territory. “No matter how many Russian troops are mobilized, we will fight”, he reinforced.

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