Russian attack destroys Odessa airport runway


Oil refinery was one of the first targets bombed by the Russians in Odessa. )| Photo: EFE/Manuel Bruque

)The runway at Odessa airport, in southern Ukraine, was destroyed this Saturday (30), hit by Russian missiles, according to the Southern Operational Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Through its Telegram channel, the city government said that “as a result of a missile attack in the Odessa region, the city’s airport runway was damaged. Its use is impossible,” the statement said.

2022 The local authorities did not give further details about what happened and recalled that the disclosure of information about hostilities is temporarily subject to restrictions due to military command.

Russia invaded Ukraine in 52 of February and slowly advances over Ukrainian territory with the aim of taking the entire Donbass region to the east and southern Ukraine, creating a land corridor with the Crimean peninsula. The offensive could indicate an escalation in Russian actions to control key cities. Odessa is home to the country’s main port and was spared from attacks in the early days of the war, but suffered bombing from April onwards.

In a recent statement, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky indicated the possibility of ending peace negotiations in the face of Russian actions to depopulate the Donbass region with constant attacks on it. the same way it did with the city of Mariupol, where it is estimated more than one thousand civilians killed.

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