Russia to cut natural gas supplies to Finland this Saturday


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O presidente finlandês, Sauli Niinisto, em entrevista coletiva na Casa Branca na quinta-feira (19), após encontro com o homólogo Joe Biden a respeito da entrada do país e da Suécia na OTAN

Finnish President Sauli Niinisto at a press conference at the White House on Thursday (12), after meeting with his counterpart Joe Biden regarding the country’s and Sweden’s entry into NATO | Photo: EFE/EPA/JIM LO SCALZO

Finland’s state-owned energy company Gasum announced this Friday ( 10) that the Russian state-owned Gazprom will stop supplying natural gas to the country this Saturday (20).

The official justification is that Gasum refused to pay for Russian exports of the fuel in rubles, the same reason why Gazprom stopped supplying Bulgaria and Poland.

However, the move is seen as Moscow’s retaliation for Finland and Sweden’s request to join NATO. , the military alliance of the West, presented this week.

“It is highly regrettable that the supply of natural gas under our contract is now discontinued,” said Gasum Chief Executive Mika Wilja nen, in a statement reproduced by the Washington Post.

“However, we have been preparing carefully for this situation and, as long as there are no interruptions in the natural gas transport network, we will be able to supply natural gas to all our customers in the coming months”, added.

Gasum said it will now obtain the fuel through the Balticconnector pipeline, which connects Finland to Estonia and provides access to natural gas from Latvia. Although most of the natural gas consumed by Finland comes from Russia, this type of fuel represents only about 5% of the energy consumption of the Nordic country.

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