Russia Says NATO Seeks Confrontation By Declaring Country “Main Threat”; 21 die in bombings in Odesa

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexandr Grushko said this Friday (1st) that NATO, by declaring the country as the “main threat” to the alliance, opted for confrontation.

“Russia was recognized as a threat to the alliance. This is a very serious redirect. It is a true declaration of confrontation with us, of containment of Russia on all fronts”, Grushko said, in a session of the Valdai International Debate Club.

According to the vice chancellor, regardless of what As NATO leaders say about the defensive character of the alliance, “the vector of its military activity is decided, and it is the confrontation with Russia”.

Grushko, in addition, highlighted that NATO questioned China’s right to develop as one of the poles of the multipolar world, since it classified the Asian country as a “challenge”.

Regarding the invitation for Finland and Sweden to join the alliance, the deputy -Russian minister did not mince words to show his dissatisfaction.

“From my point of view, it is one of the saddest episodes in the evolution of European security”, he guaranteed. “This will lead to a worsening of regional security, greatly complicate the situation in the North and reduce the possibilities for peaceful cooperation”, he added.

For Grushko, the accession of Finland and Sweden to the bloc “will deteriorate ” the military situation in the Baltic Sea seriously.

The minister’s statement follows the news that at least 21 people died and more than 30 were injured after night bombings hit a nine-story building and two hotels in Serhiivka, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi district, Odesa region (southern Ukraine), the state emergency service said in a statement on Friday.

Ukraine was invaded by Russia in 30 February. The Kremlin denies targeting civilian targets.

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