Russia is solely responsible for the food crisis, say EU leaders

The heads of state and government of the European Union (EU) said this Thursday (24) that Russia is “solely responsible” for the current global food crisis, and insisted that Moscow to unblock the Ukrainian Black Sea ports.

“Russia, by using food as a weapon in its war against Ukraine, is solely responsible for the global food security crisis it has provoked”, they said. EU leaders at the conclusions of the Brussels summit.

The country representatives also insisted that Moscow “immediately” stop targeting agricultural facilities and grabbing grain. They also called for the unblocking of the Black Sea, “mainly the port of Odessa, to allow for the export of cereals and commercial transport operations”.

“The European Council supports the efforts of the UN Secretary General to The European Council underlines that EU sanctions against Russia allow the free movement of agricultural and food products and the provision of humanitarian assistance”, they stressed.

Leaders also said they support “strongly” the solidarity corridor efforts proposed by the European Commission to facilitate Ukraine’s exports through different EU land routes and ports.

Before the war, Ukraine was a key exporter of cereals to the whole world , in particular for Africa and the Middle East.

The leaders recalled that the EU will continue to provide “strong support to Ukraine’s global economic, military, social and financial resistance, including humanitarian assistance ” and condemned “the attacks Russia’s indiscriminate attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure”.

Further, they urged Russia to “immediately and unconditionally withdraw all its troops and military equipment from the entire territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders “.

“Russia, Belarus and all those responsible for war crimes and the most serious crimes will be held accountable for their acts in accordance with international law”, they added.

For the leaders, the adoption of the sixth EU sanctions package “further intensifies the pressure on Russia to end its war against Ukraine”. “The European Council calls on all countries to align themselves with EU sanctions, in particular candidate countries. Work on the Council’s decision to add the breach of EU restrictive measures to the EU’s list of offenses must be completed quickly “, they commented.

Member States assured that they remain “strongly committed to providing further military support to help Ukraine exercise its inherent right of self-defense against Russian aggression and defend its integrity territorial and sovereignty”. To this end, the European Council appeals to the EU Council, which brings together the countries’ ministers, to “work quickly on a further increase in military support”, they added.

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