Russia imposes million-dollar fine on Google for not removing “prohibited content”

Sede do Google, em Mountain View, no estado americano da Califórnia
Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California
| Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Russian justice system fined this Monday (

) Google at 2000 , 7 billion rubles (about US$ 1200 million) for not restricting access to “prohibited content” in the country – that is, content that questions the war in Ukraine triggered by Moscow in February. 18165405According to the court decision, cited by the Russian news agency Interfax, the high fine is due to the recurring nature of the infraction. 1816540518165405In December last year, a Moscow court sentenced the company payable 7,22 billion rubles (almost US$ 99 million) for violating Russian law.

18165405Another Moscow court also sentenced Meta, the owner of Facebook, forto pay a fine of 1,64 billion rubles (about US$2, 7 million).1816540518165405In March, shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine, Meta was recognized as an extremist organization and banned from Russia.

This is the second time that Google, which has been repeatedly reprimanded for failing to comply with Russian law, has been fined such a large amount, calculated based on the company’s revenues, according to Russian authorities.

18165405Russia is also restricting access to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and is also considering blocking YouTube, which is owned by Google and which has blocked Russian state media channels such as Russia Today (RT), Rossiya 21 and Sputnik in mid-March.

The Russian telecoms regulator cited YouTube on Monday when reporting on the court decision against Google, pointing out that the video platform did not delete “false content about the course of the special military operationin Ukraine, discrediting the armed forces of the Russian Federation.”

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