Russia burns 10 million euros a day of gas it could send to Europe, report finds


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Sede da estatal Gazprom em São Petersburgo: consultoria que fez o estudo diz que não é possível saber intenção russa ao queimar gás perto da fronteira com a Finlândia, mas que situação deixa claro “domínio” sobre o mercado de energia europeu

Headquarters of state-owned Gazprom in Saint Petersburg: the consultancy that carried out the study says that it is not possible to know Russian intention to burn gas near the border with Finland, but that situation makes it clear “dominance” over the European energy market| Photo: EFE/EPA/ANATOLY MALTSEV

Russia is burning about

Satellite images of the plant for liquefied natural gas from Portovaya, near the Finnish border, show high levels of heat since of July that experts believe to be valid of gas burning.

The situation came to light after Finnish citizens began to see large flames on the horizon a few weeks ago, said the consultant, who warns that the burning represents an “environmental disaster”, with the emission of around 9,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every day.

“The exact volume of the burn is difficult to quantify, but it is believed to be around 4 ,24 million cubic meters (of gas) per day”, he said this Friday (19 Sindre Knutsson, chief gas markets analyst at Rystad Energy, told Agência Efe.

Experts admit the possibility that the gas flaring is “linked to pre-operational tests at Portovaya”, but stressed that the case “leads to many questions about Russia’s intentions”, as this scenario coincides with a fall of 77% on Russian gas exports to Europe in months until August, the equivalent of 11% of U demand European Union (EU).

“While the exact reasons for the flare are unknown, the volume, emissions and location of the flame are a visible reminder of Russia’s dominance over Europe’s energy markets,” Knutsson said. The drop in supply and fears of even greater cuts during the northern hemisphere winter led the EU to ask the 27 member countries to reduce gas consumption by up to 10% until Marchto try to ensure that the reservations are sufficient.

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