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Run Into You Kdrama Release Date: Do you enjoy Korean dramas? If so, “Run Into You” is the song for you. Run Into You Yoon Hae Joon’s journey into the past to uncover the truth about a serial murder case is chronicled in the Kdrama “You Who Met By Chance,” which is available on Netflix.

Baek Yoon Young (Jin Ki Joo) goes back in time to stop his parents’ marriage. They are both trapped in 1987 on a lovely yet unsettling journey through time. Lee Soon Ae, a gullible literature student, will be portrayed by Seo Ji Hye. She comes out as a little insane because of her positive outlook on life.

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A boy named Baek Eun-young and a girl named Lee Soon Ae embark on an incredible adventure together that is full of learning and growth for both of them. Lee Soon Ae is an emotionally complicated and really kind individual. We will read in-depth information about the Run Into You Kdrama release date in this article. Go on reading.

Run Into You Synopsis and Plot

Yoon Hae Joon started his career as a local journalist at a telecom station. He is the youngest anchor to ever work at the telecom station and currently serves as the host of the end-of-week news programme. He writes columns with clarity and calm, and he treats people well in his own life.

Baek Yoon Young wanted to write essays but instead works for a distribution company to support herself. She experiences a lot of stress due to her job, and occasionally she vents it on her mother. Baek Yoon-Youthful eventually faces a surprising case that changes her. In some ways, Yoon Hae Joon and Baek Yoon Youthful put the calendar back to 1987.

Run Into You Kdrama Release Date

Yoon Hae Joon searches for the truth behind a long-running murder case there, while Baek Yoon Youthful tries to prevent her parents from attending the wedding. Although their ambitions initially seem completely unrelated, they soon realise that they are connected.

Run Into You Kdrama Release Date

A mystery drama from Korea is called Run Into You (2023). Run Into You featured Kim Dong Wook, Jin Ki Joo, and Seo Ji Hye in various roles. Run Into You will be available on January 4, 2023.

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Run Into You Kdrama Release Date

Run Into You Kdrama Cast

  1. As Hae Joon, Kim Dong Wook
  2. As Baek Yoon Young, Jin Ki Joo
  3. 1987 Seo Ji Hye as Soon Ae
  4. 1987 Lee Won Jung in Hee Seop
  5. 2021 Lee Ji Hyun as Soon Ae
  6. 2021 Lee Kyu Hoe as Hee Seop
  7. As Byeong Gu, Kim Jong Soo
  8. As Hyung Man, Park Soo Young
  9. Ok for Kim Jung Young Ja
  10. 1987: Ji Hye Won as Mi Sook
  11. 2021: Kim Hye Eun as Mi Sook

Trailer Of Run Into You

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