Rishi Sunak announces his candidacy for UK Prime Minister

Rishi Sunak nas eleições de liderança do Partido Conservador no The Centaur, Cheltenham Racecourse, Grã-Bretanha, em 11 de agosto de 2022.
Rishi Sunak confirmed her candidacy for the Conservative Party primaries to replace Liz Truss at the head of the UK party and government.


Former Economy Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed this Sunday (

) his candidacy for the Conservative Party primaries to replace Liz Truss at the head of the UK party and government. The party began an internal process to choose its new leader after Truss announced her resignation on Thursday (20) as a result of the turmoil caused in the markets by her economic program, with tax cuts that she was later forced to reverse. 8014617467001Sunak announced his candidacy on his Twitter account, stating that the UK is facing a “deep economic crisis” and that your objective is to overcome this situation and unite the party. “The choice our party makes now will decide whether the next generation of Britons will have more opportunities than the last. That’s why I’m running to be your next prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party,” Sunak wrote.

8014617467001 The politician stressed that he was in charge of the Economy portfolio in the “most difficult” moments to the country, referring to the pandemic, and indicated that “the challenges we face are even greater, but the opportunities, if we make the right decision, are phenomenal”.250849228014617467001The former Economy Minister of Boris Johnson – who will try to retake the position – assured that he has a plan to solve the big problems of the country and promised to fulfill the electoral promises made by its party in the general elections of 2019. “There will be integrity, professionalism and accountability at all levels of government that I lead and I will work around the clock to fulfill the task”, he highlighted.

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According to his campaign sources, Sunak already has the support he needs (100 or more deputies) to have the right to contest the party primaries. Conservative politicians who want to run have even the 14 h (local time) from Monday (24) to submit your applications.

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